Swing Zapper Pulse

Optimising your health and eliminating all kinds of harmful organisms, such as parasites and other invaders, at home? With the Swing Zapper Pulse, you can do this by means of electrotherapy in an accessible but effective way.

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What does the Swing Zapper Pulse do?
It makes you feel better, and we hear that complaints disappear and that people feel better about themselves. To get the best results from the treatment, an additional herbal cure is recommended. Ask Meditech or your therapist for advice. Eating healthily and avoiding harmful substances from outside (such as smoking and cosmetics containing toxins) also contribute positively to the use of the Swing Zapper. Changing to organic food and other products can also be beneficial.

How does the Swing Zapper Pulse work?
The word 'swing' in the Swing Zapper Pulse stands for a variable frequency within a fixed area. This variable frequency ensures that parasites and other intruders cannot resist or become immune to treatment. The area that is treated is therefore much larger than with any other Zapper. There is no need to set frequencies or use different chips.

Another unique piece of technology is the energetic system that is built into your Swing zapper. The practice and research of Doctor Puharich (on the effect of a so-called Mobius coil) in the well-known Max Planck Institute and of the well-known scientist Dr Glen Rein, confirm that this has a positive influence on the result. A simple test shows that this energetic system works. When you activate the Swing Zapper Pulse and place it against a glass of wine or water, the taste often changes within a short time. The energetic field is generated directly in the Swing Zapper.

How do you use the Swing Zapper Pulse?
Place the Swing Zapper Pulse on a spot where you are experiencing symptoms. If this spot is not very obvious, place it
Make sure that the Pulse electrodes are both in contact with Dr. skin and press ON (use red on the left and black on the right). When the light flashes, the Swing Zapper is in operation.
The Swing Zapper automatically runs a 7-minute programme. It switches off automatically after 7 minutes.
You can also use the Swing Zapper Pulse on animals. For example, you can put it in a dog basket, in a birdcage (against the bars of the cage) or in a horse's stable.

What does a course of treatment with the Swing Zapper Pulse look like?
A complete treatment starts with using the Swing Zapper Pulse three times a day for 7 minutes, with intervals of 20 minutes. Toxins that are released must be thoroughly eliminated, hence the repetition.
After a week, reduce the frequency to every other day, or to the frequency you discuss with your therapist.
Keep drinking enough to speed up the elimination of toxins.
Be sure to get enough rest: your body expels the toxins and you may feel tired afterwards.

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Swing Zapper Pulse

Swing Zapper Pulse

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