Colloidal Silver ointment with Gold

Colloidal Silver ointment with Gold

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Colloidal Silver Ointment with Gold has a strong optimizing effect. According to the women's magazine Libelle it is "a jewel in a jar"!

Meditech Europe is the first and only company in the Netherlands that fully meets all the requirements of the New Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority with regard to the production and supply of colloidal silver, gold and skin care products. The audit was carried out after a long preparation in mid-March 2013. Laboratory tests have been carried out by an accredited lab. This means that our products officially meet the most stringent requirements and that we work and comply with the HACCP guidelines.

The quality certificate fine silver is present. Content Ag 999.7 ‰. Our certificate of purity is in the possession of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Ask your supplier if they have this certificate of purity.

The Colloidal Silver that we supply to you is produced according to a completely unique process. The principle is simple by loosening the pure smallest silver particles via a multi-frequency high voltage resonance system. The voltage is above 150,000 volts. This unique process ensures a colloidal solution that ensures that you get the best quality.

Working Violet-Glass: The violet-glass is based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently stimulated and recharged. This is done by the permeability in the UV range (stimulating) and in the Infrared range (charging). UV light acts as a bacterial inhibitor and dissolving. Violet glass allows the invisible ultraviolet light and visible violet light (approx.380-420 h m 25%) to be admitted into the glass together with the infrared light (approx. 730-1050 h m 45%). At the same time, the visible light from the sun (red, blue, yellow, green) is blocked.


Pure colloidal silver, pure colloidal gold, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, wheat germ oil purified, cetiol, chamomile, Arnica, viola tricolor, vitamin A, vitamin E, glycerol, triaethanolamine, Lavender-TeaTree-Helicryse-rose-Ylang.

Our products are completely free of chemicals and free from hormones or other chemically loaded substances. It is of natural origin.

The properties of the ingredients:

There is a lot of literature about the efficacy and properties of the ingredients. We hereby limit ourselves to data directly related to the intention of the product:

Pure colloidal silver: Inorganic silver mineral has a powerful effect to stop intruders.

Colloidal silver is the starting point for making this ointment.

Pure colloidal gold: Gold is a mental, resistance and immune system enhancer.

Vegetable Glycerin Glycerin: used in skin creams and lotions, it attracts and retains moisture.

Glycerol Stearate: An organic emulsifier that is obtained from glycerol.

Sodium stearoyl lactylate: Wheat germ oil emulsifier.

Stearic acid: stearic acid.

Matricaria chamomilla: Real Chamomile: the effect of chamomile makes the plant very suitable for bathing. The oil from the flower heads is important in the cosmetic industry.

Arnica montana Arnica: The Arnica tincture helps externally in the consequences that can be caused by falls or other discomforts.

Viola tricola: Tricolor violet.

Vitamin A Carotene: keeps the skin healthy.

Vitamin E Tocopherol: a natural vitamin E, good for the repair of damaged skin.

Lavender: Purifying, clean and is a massage for the skin. Pure lavender is attributed many properties and of course this is a component in the silver ointment.

Tea Tree: Antispasmodic, fungicidal, stimulating disinfectant, diaphoretic etc. The Bundjalung aboriginals (original inhabitants of Australia) already knew centuries ago the special effects of Tea Tree.

Helicryse: Helicryse provides a better blood flow. It works, among other things, to relieve bruising.

Rose: Is harmonizing, soothes irritation and sadness. The rose is the queen of flowers.

Ylang Ylang: Soothing and moisturizing, relaxing. Ylang-ylang is a sweet, exotic oil, used in many perfumes. It offers a helping hand in releasing tension and stress. Ylang-ylang expresses the charisma and self-confidence of man. It dispels jealous thoughts and disappointments. Processed in skin care products, ylang-ylang is soothing and moisturizing.

Research and development and production: Meditech Europe
Meditech Europe Colloidal Silver Ointment is registered as a trademark With special thanks to Chi Nederland Drs Rijpkema for advice and literature Drs Beck Many (experiential experts). If you want to know more about essential oils, look at the literature list of Chi Nederland.

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