It's becoming more and more common in this evolving world, almost everywhere nowadays you can find electronic devices like cell phones and laptops, but is this all without danger? Many people suffer from Electrosmog, also known as Elekrostress, because you are exposed to too much radiation. Is there something you can do about it? Sure there is!

What is Electrosmog?

Electrosmog gets its name from the smog that hangs in a city. Think of it as a cloud of impure air you're exposed to. The smog in a city can move with a gust of wind, but electro-smog is something you are exposed to all day long. If you're sitting at your computer, if you're cooking or for example because of the WIFI radiation, which you find everywhere these days.

What are the dangers of electro-smog?

The dangers of electro-smog have been scientifically charted and there seems to be a clear connection between many kinds of diseases and electro-smog. Reinforcing or contributing to a certain clinical picture is the most common. Is it important to take this into account? Meditech Europe would certainly advise you to do so.

Solutions for Electrosmog

At Meditech Europe you will find a variety of solutions and contributors that can help influence electromagnetic radiation in your immediate environment. Think for example of our polarizer range. These products contribute to the optimisation of biological systems. It neutralises, as it were, the harmful radiation that comes from computers, mobile phones or an induction cooker.

Think for example of the Life Field Polarizer which has a vitalizing effect and neutralizes the radiation. The Personal Polarizer is also highly recommended what you carry with you and absorbs a wide range of wavelengths so you experience more balance and peace.

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