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Dual Earth Frequency Generator

Dual Earth Frequency Generator

Dual Earth Frequency Generator

This highly innovative invention from Meditech Europe is a true gift for anyone who lives in a radiation-conscious way. Use the 7.83Hz Schumann resonance to extend your electromagnetically balanced living environment with the healing and restorative frequency of mother earth.

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Extend your environment with the earth frequency

The Dual Earth Frequency Generator (EFG) generates the 7.83Hz Schumann resonance in your living environment. This earth frequency is indispensable for the well-being of all life on earth. That is why it is not inconceivable that the disturbance or lack of it causes many discomforts such as restlessness, anxiety, stress and general unease. Protecting yourself from all available electromagnetic radiation in your environment is therefore not sufficient in some cases. You miss the vibration of Mother Earth around you and now you can do something about it!

What is the technical effect of the Dual EFG?

The Dual Earth Frequency Generator (EFG) emits a vibration field (Alpha Wave) of 7.83Hz. This is the field that our earth also sends out as the physical scientist Winfried Otto Schumann predicted in 1952 and which was discovered around 1960. By linking this frequency to a so-called Mobius coil, the frequency is transmitted very effectively and powerfully as a scalar field. The SMD technology used in the Dual EFG makes it compact and handy and meets all European "CE" standards.

What are the application possibilities of the Dual EFG?

The earth frequency emitted by the Dual EFG has an ordering effect on all imbalance physical and energetic systems. Because all the techniques present in our environment have a disruptive effect on our physical and energetic balances, the applications of the Dual EFG are infinite. We will list a few for you.

  • Harmonization of your living and working environment
    All electrical installations and appliances such as your television, computer, radio, cordless telephone, your tablet, your microwave, your fridge, your wireless doorbell, your electric alarm clock on your bedside table, your night light, etc. etc. all transmit low and high frequency waves that disrupt your physical and energetic balance. It's great if you protect yourself and your loved ones for this with, for example, polarizing or grounding solutions, but you do yourself and all those whom you love a great favor by transmitting the healing earth frequency in all areas where you use technical conveniences. Place the Dual EFG in the middle of the room you are in and it will provide you with the beneficial Schumann resonance.
  • Improve sleep
    The sleep mode on the Dual EFG emits a frequency of 3.91Hz. This frequency helps to relax your brainwaves and get into a deeper sleep state. Place Dual EFG in its sleep mode on your bedside table or next to your bed on the floor and let him "sing" you to sleep.
  • Relieve tension and pain
    Because tension and pain are expressions of disturbed fields, it is only logical that the harmonizing effect of the Dual EFG has very positive effects on this. Place the Dual EFG on or near an affected or painful body part and experience the harmonizing and soothing effect of the earth frequency.
  • Stabilization of disruptions in drinks and food
    The Dual EFG has the capacity to neutralize disruptions in your drinks and food and thus mitigate or even remedy negative effects of food intolerance. Place the Dual EFG near your food supply and/or in the vicinity of food preparation and you will be amazed by the results.


The Dual EFG is not a medical device. It is a resonance application whose experiences have shown that the above effects can be a result. In case of physical and/or energetic discomfort always consult a medical expert first.

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