Dealer information

Resale / business customer / distributor

Would you like to become a reseller of our products? Are you a therapist, doctor, or would you like to purchase a large number of our products? Then you may be eligible for a discount on the sales price. For business customers, we can create a special login. The advantages are:

  • Simple ordering, and immediate discount
  • Extensive order history
  • Status of your order
  • Tracking of your order
  • Drop-Shipment (no stock for you, but simply delivered to your customer)
  • Delivery on account

Want to know more? Then contact us at: or by phone +31 527 292 331.


Bulk orders or custom order

For an order of 10 pieces or more of one item or for orders from € 1,000, we will be happy to provide a quotation. We may be able to offer an attractive discount. If you want to place an order for a product where you want to have something adjusted or order something that you cannot find, we will be happy to help you! In our production, we can adjust things to your requirements ourselves and in our network we can almost certainly provide you with a solution to your liking.

Request a quote without obligation. or by phone +31 527 292 331.


Delivery excluding VAT

VAT is not charged for orders outside the European Union. However, do take into account import duties and taxes to be paid. Do you have a company within the European Union but outside the Netherlands? When ordering, please provide your company name and VAT number, if this is correct we will not charge VAT.

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