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MD4 Distiller

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Drinking enough water is very important for the human body. The quality of the water should be as high as possible. Unfortunately (tap) water is not 100% clean and pure and therefore it can contain a mix of small amounts of contaminants, such as medicine residues and other chemicals. Do you want to be sure that you really drink clean and pure water? Then you can choose to clean the water using a water distiller!


100% pure and clean

Clean and pure drinking water is best for your body. Using the md4 water distiller, you can give yourself the assurance that your drinking water is always 100% pure and clean. By distilling tap water or mineral water from the supermarket in advance, you can confirm that your water is not polluted.


The Md4 water distiller from Meditech Europe

The Md4 water distiller is a compact and portable water distiller of the best quality. The product is easy to use and does what it's supposed to do: distil water. Do you want to make sure that your water is not polluted? Meditech Europe's Md4 distiller makes it possible to clean your own water. Because our product is light in weight, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. This allows you to clean your water at any time, even on holiday or on the road.


The Md4 water distiller contains a power cable for an earthed socket, a glass jug with handle, 1 filter and accompanying instructions. In addition you have a 2 year pick-up and return guarantee on this product.



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