Swing Zapper

Swing Zapper

Do you want to optimize your health? And eliminate any harmful organisms such as parasites, bacteria, viruses and other intruders? You can do so with the Swing Zapper 2016. With this product from Meditech Europe you can start using electrotherapy yourself. The Swing Zapper emits electrical currents of different frequencies. These pulses cause the nerves to contract rhythmically and by swinging the frequency, bacteria and other intruders cannot become immune to the treatment.


Instructions for use of the Swing Zapper 2016

The Swing Zapper is a user-friendly device that you can use independently. Clamp the trading electrodes in your hands and then wait +/- 7 minutes. Then wait +/- 20 minutes until the next session. Then repeat this step a total of 3 times. After using the Swing Zapper, it is up to your body to get rid of the toxins. This allows you to experience some form of fatigue complaints.


The specialists of Meditech Europe

Do you have a specific question about the Swing Zapper from Meditech Europe? Or would you like more information before ordering this product? Our team of specialists will help you with all your questions! Feel free to contact us and find out what the Swing Zapper can do for you.


You can reach us on workdays from 8.00 till 17.00 hours by phone via +31527 292 331. You can also use the chat function on our website, or fill in the contact form. Another possibility to contact us is via skype (meditech.europe). We speak Dutch, German, Italian, French and English and always strive to provide you with an appropriate answer as soon as possible.

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