Multiwave Oscillator

Multiwave Oscillator

The Multiwave Oscillator helps your body to really relax. With the help of the high-frequency resonance technique and the harmonic sounds, your body comes to rest completely. The Multiwave Oscillator is compared by many to a musical instrument that helps your body to deeply relax.


Do you suffer from tension in your body? Or do you have a long and busy period behind you? Then the Multiwave Oscillator can provide significant relief from these complaints. Treat your body with sounds, vibrations and frequencies and experience for yourself what the Multiwave Oscillator can do for you. Take good care of yourself and your body and take action when you experience a restless or uncertain feeling in your body.


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Would you like to know where to buy the Multiwave Oscillator? Then you don't have to search long. You will find this product in our extensive range. Order the Multiwave Oscillator easily and quickly online through our webshop and discover the many useful accessories that you can use with this product. Would you like to purchase the Multiwave Oscillator? Keep in mind that you need different parts. The product consists of different parts that you can find together. Think for example of glass electrodes and printplate antennas.


If you order the Multiwave Oscillator through Meditech Europe, you will benefit from many advantages! For example, your order will be delivered to your home free of charge and you can also return it free of charge if it does not meet your expectations. In addition: do you place your order before 15:00? Then your order will be shipped the same day! This allows you to quickly try out your new purchase and experience for yourself what it means to you.


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