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The Personal Polarizer is a beautifully styled device that you simply wear on your body on a cord or necklace. Of course you can also carry it in your trouser pocket, shirt or anywhere else. You will experience the best result if you wear it on your chest or solar plexus.


How does the Personal Polarizer work?

It is a simple but well thought out system of oscillation and antenna. The tuned rings work on the information from the environment causing induction and the oscillation rings (invisibly concealed on the inside) to resonate. A crystal that we have added enhances the effect with more peace and a feeling of balance as an effect, which will probably take some getting used to.

For some, it is hard to grasp that such a simple system can be so effective. Therefore, if the product is in perfect condition, we offer a money back guarantee within one month of purchase.

Children and animals also respond intuitively to the operation of the Personal Polarizer. You can try whether they experience the same peace and balance when wearing the Personal Polarizer. Clients who work with children with ADHD and autism have noticed that the Personal Polarizer has a significant positive effect on restlessness and concentration.

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