There are a number of things interesting to know before you read more about High Frequency or Resonance. In some of our Blogs, we explain a few things for you. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at info@meditecheurope.nl:



The technique of high frequencies/voltages at low currents (in amperes) in living organisms such as plants is very old. The technique was invented around 1890 by Dr Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist, who also discovered alternating current. Thanks to him, we can use electricity in our homes, street lighting, etc.

Since then, many devices using this technology have come onto the market. The original device came from the French scientist George Lakhovsky, who worked in Paris around 1920.

Meditech Europe was able to use Georges Lakhovsky's knowledge and skills thanks to close cooperation with his son. By using Lakhovsky's technical data and the specifications known from the systems he used during his studies, especially in Paris, we were able to create the product we offer today.

We have changed a few things in the last few years:

  • We have built the Tesla coil into the MWO driver and no longer attached it to the Antenna. This has several reasons. The construction is not easy to make without increasing the weight too much and it is important to keep the product handy so that it can be operated by everyone.
  • We no longer work with a battery. The Multiwave Oscillator uses the "normal" power of the electricity network. This is because nowadays we can use extremely good and stable transformers that give very stable voltages. If a customer still wants a battery version, we can produce this at extra cost.
  • The MWO conversion has been modified. The effect of the housing is heat-resistant, non-reactive to high voltage, durable and light. This saves, for example, 3.5 kg in weight compared with previous versions.

We produce the Multiwave Oscillator in our workshop. There, a permanent group of electrotechnical specialists work on our products every day with a great deal of positive energy. We are therefore minimally dependent on others and have 100% influence on the quality ourselves. This enables us to produce all Multiwave Oscillators at a stable level.

We provide extensive training to our customers to ensure that the Multiwave Oscillator is used optimally. We have learned that when we do this, our clients are more satisfied, use the Multiwave more intensively and achieve more results. And that is what it is all about for us!

What does the Multiwave Oscillator do exactly?

The Multiwave Oscillator changes the current (of your electricity network) from 220 Volts to a voltage of 10,000 Volts. Thanks to the Tesla coil and a spark gap, this power is boosted to 120,000 volts. At the same time, the amperes are very low (0.1 mA) so that the voltage is not dangerous for people to touch. Together with the high voltages, an enormously wide spectrum of frequencies is generated. This happens in the spark gap, an invention developed by Lakhovsky. This process is accompanied by a kind of "rattling" sound. When the Multiwave is connected to the Lakhovsky Antennas, the high voltages and the spectrum of frequencies are sent through the antennas. The specially tuned antennas in combination with the precisely measured diameters and the carefully composed materials amplify the voltages and frequencies. This results in an enormously powerful energy field that is perceptible to most people. If this is not perceptible, the energy field can be seen by holding a fluorescent tube between the antennas. It will then light up spontaneously.

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