Water ionization

Water ionization

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The quality of our water is becoming increasingly important to keep the body in balance, for both humans and animals. With the help of a water filtering system you can work yourself to improve the quality of the water for you and your loved ones. Think for example of water ionizing, distilling or vitalizing.


Are you curious about the possibilities in the field of water filtering systems? Or would you like more information about water ionization? We are happy to help you with this. Thanks to our years of experience with water cleaning, we can provide you with the right information. But also if you want to receive tailored advice, you have come to the right place!


Difference between distilling and ionizing

In the field of water filtering systems, confusion often arises between water ionisation and distillation. Ionisation of water is the process by which the water is enriched, in contrast to distillation. In this process, the water is purified by removing all waste products from the water.


Ionising water thanks to Meditech Europe

Do you want to work with the ionization of water yourself? At Meditech Europe, we offer a range of useful water filtration systems that you can use. Curious about the many possibilities? Or would you like to get in touch with us for another reason? Our team of specialists will help you with all your questions.


We can be reached by telephone on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. via +31527 292 331. You can also use the chat function on our website, or fill in the contact form. We aim to provide you with an appropriate answer as soon as possible.

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