Schumann resonance

Schumann resonance

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There are a number of things interesting to know before you read more about High Frequency or Resonance. In some of our Blogs, we explain a few things for you. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at

Schumann resonance, named after German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, refers to the electromagnetic resonance of our planet. This phenomenon has an intriguing connection to the plant kingdom, and we will explore below how it can affect it.

What is the Schumann resonance?

The Schumann resonance is a series of natural electromagnetic resonances between the Earth's surface and our planet's ionosphere. The main frequency in this series is about 7.83 Hz, but there are also higher harmonics. These electromagnetic waves arise as a result of lightning discharges around the world and are constantly generated.

The Influence on Plants

Growth and Development: There is growing evidence that plants are sensitive to the Schumann resonance. Research has shown that exposure to these natural frequencies can improve the germination and growth rate of plants. It seems that the Schumann resonance can have a stimulating effect on plant cell division and photosynthesis, resulting in healthier and more vital plants.
Resistance to Stress: Plants exposed to the Schumann resonance often show greater resistance to stress factors such as drought, diseases and pests. It is possible that these natural electromagnetic waves strengthen plants' immune systems and increase their ability to resist harmful influences.
Flowering and Reproduction: Some studies suggest that Schumann resonance may also affect plant flowering and reproduction. It could contribute to improved flower production and the formation of healthy seeds, which is essential for reproduction and conservation of plant species.


Although much research is still needed to fully understand the exact mechanisms behind the influence of Schumann resonance on plants, the available data indicate a positive relationship between these natural frequencies and plant growth, health and resilience. Clearly, the Schumann resonance is an exciting aspect of the relationship between the natural world and our environment, and it may offer new insights into ways we can improve agriculture and plant species conservation.

We hope this information has piqued your curiosity and encouraged you to investigate this intriguing phenomenon further. If you would like to learn more about the Schumann resonance and how it can affect plants, stay tuned to our website for updates and additional information.

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