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The Life Field Polariser is an antenna system that absorbs, concentrates, inverts and re-emits an infinitely wide range of wavelengths. This version is specially designed for areas such as your home and work environment. Because through the wall socket, you amplify the effect and the range is wide enough.

How does polarisation work?

Radiation is everywhere these days. Think of microwaves, television sets, fluorescent tubes, TV and radar stations, microwave transmission towers, transmission masts, radio and telephone equipment, the dect phone, computers, the power grid, tools and appliances powered by alternating current motors. To top it all off, Wi-Fi and the smart meter in your meter box.

As far as we are concerned, this is completely unacceptable, as it causes serious damage to health. With what we are offering you, we are not going to say: 'place a polarizer and it's solved'. The load is always increasing, so we have to continually exclude what is taxing. We do not need to expect any help from the government, we need to investigate ourselves.

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