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The Lifefield Polarizer is an antenna system that absorbs, concentrates, regroups, inverts and rebroadcasts an infinitely wide range of wavelengths. This version is specially designed for spaces like your home and work environment. Because through the wall socket, you amplify the operation and the range is wide enough.

How the Lifefield Polarizer works
When copper and crystal are combined, a synergy is created that can potentially have positive effects on people's well-being. Some people believe that wearing copper jewellery with crystal stones can help balance energy in the body, improve focus and relieve stress and tension. Copper and crystal are also used to positively influence the environment. It is believed that they can clear the room of negative energies and create a calming and harmonising atmosphere. The Lifefield Polarizer is an example of that. In the Lifefield Polarizer, Lakhovsky Antennas are used in miniature. These are in direct contact with the crystals. The crystals are different for each Lifefield Polarizer, ranging from rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst to haematite, tourmaline and shungite.

Using the Lifefield Polarizer
To polarize home and field electrical systems, simply plug the Polarizer into an outlet. The entire wiring system will then become a powerful antenna. Harmonious vibrations will be emitted all over the plot.
The electric fields of all devices connected to the wiring system will be in harmony with the biological life systems. Only one polariser is needed for each electronic wiring system.

When the household electrical wiring system is grounded with the water supply system, as required in many countries, the electrical patterns of substances in the water will also be corrected. The water will become invigorating instead of wasting energy and the benefits are greater than any commercially distilled water we have tested.

To polarize a car, plane, boat, bus or the like, a suitable Polarizer should be placed on a metal surface, such as the car's floorboard or 12-volt socket.

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