Shungite Phone Sticker Rectangle (30 x 15 mm)

Experience the power of natural protection with the Shungite Phone Sticker Rectangle (30 x 15 mm). This elegant and effective sticker neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation from your smartphone. Enhance your well-being and protect your health with this unique solution from Meditech Europe.

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Shungite Phone Sticker Rectangle (30 x 15 mm) | Radiation Protection for Your Smartphone | Meditech Europe

Discover the ultimate protection against electromagnetic radiation with the Shungite Phone Sticker Rectangle (30 x 15 mm) from Meditech Europe. Shungite is a unique natural stone known for its powerful properties to neutralize harmful radiation. This sticker offers a simple and effective solution to reduce your daily exposure to radiation.


Why Choose the Shungite Phone Sticker?

  1. Powerful Protection: Shungite has the unique ability to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic radiation. By applying this sticker to your phone, you create a protective field that minimizes the harmful effects of radiation.

  2. Compact and Stylish: Measuring 30 x 15 mm, this rectangular sticker is small and unobtrusive while still providing maximum protection. The sleek design perfectly complements any smartphone without compromising aesthetics.

  3. Easy to Use: The Shungite Phone Sticker is very easy to apply. Remove the protective film and stick it to the back of your phone or phone case. No hassle, immediate results.

  4. Natural Well-being Enhancement: In addition to protecting against radiation, Shungite is also associated with promoting overall health and well-being. Wearing Shungite can contribute to better energy balance and an enhanced sense of well-being.



Shungite is a natural mineral that lasts long. The sticker retains its effectiveness for an extended period, ensuring long-lasting protection.


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 30 x 15 mm

  • Material: Natural Shungite stone

  • Color: Black

  • Usage: Suitable for all types of smartphones and tablets


How Does Shungite Work?

Shungite works by absorbing electromagnetic fields (EMF) and neutralizing harmful frequencies. This mineral, primarily found in Russia, contains carbon and fullerenes, known for their unique protective properties.


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Protect yourself and your loved ones today from harmful radiation with the Shungite Phone Sticker Rectangle (30 x 15 mm). Order easily online at Meditech Europe and benefit from fast delivery and excellent customer service. Enhance your well-being with this simple yet effective solution.

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Shungite Phone Sticker Rectangle (30 x 15 mm)

Shungite Phone Sticker Rectangle (30 x 15 mm)

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