BodyGuard Deluxe

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The BodyGuard DeLuxe resonates all day, wherever you are!

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Lakhovsky antennas, also known as Multi-Wave Oscillators, are unique devices that use copper coils to emit specific frequencies that can have a positive effect on the human body. The use of copper in these devices is essential to their effectiveness, as copper is known for its ability to conduct electricity and emit specific frequencies. The concept behind Lakhovsky antennas is that each cell has its own resonant frequency, and these frequencies can be disrupted by various factors such as disease, stress or exposure to harmful frequencies from technology. By exposing these cells to the specific frequencies emitted by the Lakhovsky antennas, it is believed that these frequencies can help rebalance the frequencies of the environment.

Meditech Europe now offers the BodyGuard DeLuxe. It is a smaller designed Polariser, equipped with lots of copper. It can be used as a necklace and thus worn close to the body, preferably on the skin.

What does the BodyGuard DeLuxe do?

Take a mobile phone, look for WiFi signals and, depending on your position, your phone will find several. This shows that these frequencies are really there, even if you cannot see them. Thus, there are thousands of frequencies around us that we cannot consciously perceive. However, all these frequencies can confuse the human body, resulting in many vague complaints.
The BodyGuard DeLuxe also captures the frequencies that are there (i.e. from WiFi, 4G, 5G, TV, etc.). The copper in the BodyGuard DeLuxe resonates through these frequencies. The copper in the BodyGuard DeLuxe creates a frequency field that is difficult to measure, but can be felt by the sensitive among us. In addition, you can also do the Polarizer Test (2 glasses of water, one on the BodyGuard DeLuxe and one next to it), with which you can experience that the water that has been on the BodyGuard DeLuxe really feels softer and more pleasant in the mouth.
This frequency field is perceived as harmonising and pleasant in the immediate environment. Especially when the BodyGuard DeLuxe is worn on the solar plexus, it appears to have a very beneficial effect for the environment.


45 x 39 mm

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s:3:"100";% of 100
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BodyGuard Deluxe

BodyGuard Deluxe

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