Life Field Polarizer

The use of telephones, computers, wireless internet and Bluetooth has increased tremendously over the past few years and that brings with it the necessary radiation. These harmful and unwanted radiation can have a negative influence on the human body, our harmony, our health and that of our environment and loved ones. Would you like to protect yourself and your loved ones from the radiation of phones, wireless internet, computers, microwaves and more? You can by using Meditech Europe's Life Field Polarizer or Personal Polarizer!


The Levensveld Polarizer is an antenna system that absorbs, concentrates, regroups, inverts and retransmits an infinitely wide range of wavelengths. Using this device it is possible to neutralize harmful wavelengths and restore, amplify and vitalize normal frequencies. Curious about even more benefits of the Polarizer Life Field? We are happy to tell you!


Why choose Meditech Europe's Life Field Polarizer?

✓ Restorative and vitalizing

✓ Suitable for home use

✓ Neutralizes harmful radiation

✓ Reliable service

✓ Ordered before 13.00 hours is tomorrow!

✓ Free shipping and returns


The quality of water

Is the electrical wiring system in your house grounded to the water mains? Then the electrical patterns of the substances in the water will also be corrected. Instead of the water dissipating energy, it will be energizing! This means that the quality of the water will also improve immediately thanks to the Polarizer Life Field.

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