Nano silverwater

Nano silver water (also called colloidal silver) is a product that contains a colloid of nano silver particles and distilled water. The product is often used as a natural alternative to antibiotics thanks to its antibacterial effect. But there are many other situations in which nano silver water can offer a solution. For example, silver water is also used to treat wounds and infections.


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The purifying effect of silver water

One of the most important properties of nano silver water is its purifying effect. This is due to the pure silver particles in the water. In addition, colloid silver is known for its energy-increasing effect. As a result, nano silver water can have a positive effect on the treatment of inflammations, wounds and other physical complaints. Would you like to experience the effect of (nano)silver water for yourself? Then try one of our products with colloidal silver. This way you will immediately discover the benefits our products can offer you.


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