RifeBox 60

The Rife technique in combination with the Multiwave Oscillator by Lakhovsky and Tesla. The ultimate protection!

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The discharge of gas in the Rife lamp has a deeply relaxing effect. The frequencies it spreads give the body the information it needs to completely relax. In combination with the Multiwave Oscillator, the Rife treatment can be very powerful due to the wide spectrum of frequencies produced by the Multiwave Oscillator.

The RifeBox 60 consists of a sturdy, protective housing in which the Rife Phanotron 60 is built. The Rife lamp is therefore well protected against drops or knocks. You can easily place the RifeBox on a table during treatment. And when the treatment is finished you just close the RifeBox.

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RifeBox 60

RifeBox 60

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