Personal Polarizer Yellow

The Yellow Personal Polarizer: Peace and balance thanks to the technology of Lakhovsky and Tesla in a convenient size!

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The Yellow Personal Polarizer is a beautifully styled device that you can easily wear on your body with a cord or necklace. Of course you can also carry it in your pocket, shirt or anywhere else. You will experience the best result by wearing it on your chest or solar plexus.


How does the Yellow Personal Polarizer work?

It is a simple but well thought out system of oscillation and antenna, combined with copper and mountain crystal. The tuned rings work on the information from the environment causing induction and the oscillation rings (invisibly concealed on the inside) to resonate. A crystal that we have added enhances the effect with more peace and a feeling of balance as an effect, which will probably take some getting used to.

For some, it is hard to grasp that such a simple system can be so effective. Therefore, if the product is in perfect condition, we offer a money back guarantee within one month of purchase.

Tip from us: children and animals also respond intuitively to the operation of the Personal Polarizer. You can try whether they experience the same peace and balance when wearing the Green Personal Polarizer. Clients who work with children with ADHD and autism have noticed that the Personal Polarizer has a significant positive effect on restlessness and concentration.


Why is polarity essential for your health?

The Yellow Personal Polarizer is the result of years of research by a number of scientists specialising in physics, electronics, chemistry, biology, metallurgy and many other fields. The most important scientist is George Lakhovsky. He worked in Paris, Vienna, America and did a lot of research on oscillation and resonance. Nikola Tesla is best known for the Multiwave Oscillator. His tests on geraniums infected with cancer cells are very famous. The geraniums that grew tumours were treated with tuned oscillation rings (resonance rings). As a result, these geraniums grew normally and the tumours disappeared. The other geraniums without these rings died slowly because of the tumours. This optimised technique with oscillation rings is also used in your Polarizer.

Many experts recognise that the loss of vitality precedes the loss of health. We lose our vitality through overexertion. Biological systems function electrically in an electromagnetic wave universe and therefore the stress of the urban electromagnetic environment is very harmful. The artificial electromagnetic radiation (which also influences the geopathic load) impedes the fundamental, electrical functioning, thus clamping down vitality and ultimately causing symptoms of illness.

By harmonising the electromagnetic and/or geopathic load of the environment, the Polarizor restores the coherence of the body's electric fields and all the information essential for the optimal functioning of the body is available. Polarisation also restores, strengthens and vitalises the normal frequencies for cellular oscillation. With renewed coherence and vitality, assuming that all laws of nature are respected, the biological, bio-electric blueprint of life can produce its physical counterpart without failure.

Put the antenna on painful parts of the body that often indicate an underlying blockage of vitality. By using the antenna for a few minutes a day, you can get rid of electrical interference and blockage of vitality that can cause pain.



Height: 6.2 cm
Depth: 1.0 cm
Width: 3.5 cm

Multiwave Oscillator

All Personal Polarizers are extensively exposed to the wide frequencies of the Multiwave Oscillator. This makes them extra charged.

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Personal Polarizer manual
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Personal Polarizer Yellow

Personal Polarizer Yellow

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