Copper Water Bottle – 900 ml

Discover the handcrafted copper water bottle from Meditech Europe, made in India with a unique honeycomb structure. This bottle, crafted from pure copper, balances the three energies (Doshas) according to Ayurveda. Ideal for water and easy to maintain. Each bottle is unique and contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

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Handcrafted Copper Water Bottle – 900 ml | Meditech Europe

At Meditech Europe, we proudly present our beautiful handcrafted copper water bottle, made in India. This unique bottle, featuring a sleek honeycomb structure, is a symbol of craftsmanship and tradition.


Unique Features:

  • Handmade in India: Each bottle is carefully handcrafted, ensuring a unique appearance.

  • Pure Copper (99.6%): The inside of the bottle is entirely made of copper, while the outside is lightly lacquered for added protection.

  • Health Benefits: According to ancient Indian Ayurveda, drinking water from a copper bottle helps balance the three energies (Doshas): Vata (air), Kapha (water), and Pitta (fire).

  • Unique Design: The honeycomb structure gives the bottle a stylish and modern look.



  • Material: Copper

  • Capacity: 900 ml

  • Color: Brown

  • Weight: 250 g

  • Dimensions: 7 x 26 cm


Usage and Maintenance:

  • First Use: Rinse the bottle a few times before use.

  • Suitable for: Only water. Not suitable for milk, citrus, or acidic liquids.

  • Maintenance: Clean with natural soap, a soft sponge, and room temperature water. Use lemon wedges or copper polish to maintain the shine. Do not wash in the dishwasher and avoid direct sunlight.


Natural Properties of Copper:

  • Discoloration and Stains: Copper discolors due to oxidation and may show stains, which are natural properties of the material and do not negatively affect drinking quality.

  • Imperfections: Due to the handcrafted nature, the bottles may have small imperfections, adding to their unique charm.


Choose the handcrafted copper water bottle from Meditech Europe and experience the blend of traditional craftsmanship and health benefits. Add this unique product to your daily routine and enjoy the balance and aesthetics it offers.

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Copper Water Bottle – 900 ml

Copper Water Bottle – 900 ml

Special Price €28.48 Regular Price €33.50
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