2 Lakhovsky antennas Black foot

The new standard for Lakhovsky Antennas: modern, elegant and attractive!

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These are the latest Lakhovsky Antennas. It is the new standard!

The dimensions of the antennas:

Antennas: 80cm x 100cm (width x height)

If your floor is slippery, we recommend ordering the Lakhovsky Antenna Foot Plates with it. These prevent the Lakhovsky Antennas from sliding away.


Extra option:

If you want to convert your old Lakhovsky Antennas to this new version, you can. You need to send (or bring) your antennas to us. We make them nice and clean and then build them into the new frame. The costs for this will be, in total, €625,00 (excluding transport costs) including VAT.

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2 Lakhovsky antennas Black foot

2 Lakhovsky antennas Black foot

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