Milk Thistle Complex tincture - 50 ml

Supports the health of the liver

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For over 2000 years, milk thistle has been recognised for its health-promoting properties. In particular, it has gained an impressive reputation for supporting the liver. The liver is one of the most important organs in our body. You can see this multifaceted organ as a complex factory with various functions. It is, for example, essential for bile production, carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism and fat metabolism.

Powerful health provider due to 80% silymarin

When selecting a good milk thistle supplement, you should not pay attention to the dosage of the milk thistle, but to the amount of active ingredients in the product. The higher this percentage, the more potent the nutrient. That is why we have standardised our Milk Thistle Complex Tincture to a minimum of 80% silymarin from milk thistle seeds. Silymarin is the umbrella name for the active ingredients in milk thistle. The botanical herb supports the cleansing effect of the liver. In addition, milk thistle promotes the natural defence system of body cells and stimulates digestion.

Addition of artichoke and stinking gourd for ultimate synergy

Milk thistle has an impressive synergy with artichoke (cynara scolymus) and smelly gourd (chelidonium majus). Synergy means that the effect of working together is greater than using the nutrients separately. Milk thistle, artichoke and stinking gourd all support the functions of the liver, among others. They act as antioxidants that support the body's function. Most supplements contain only one of these ingredients. However, we combine all three health-promoting herbs in an effective formula, at a very fair price!

The first standout in this combination is artichoke. Our tincture contains a high dosage of at least 30% artichoke per daily dose. The addition of 20% stinking gourd (chelidonium) completes the synergetic triptych. Clinical studies show that the active substances in these plant extracts, like milk thistle, also support the cleansing effect of the liver, are good for prostate and urinary tracts and stimulate digestion. There is no other milk thistle supplement in the world with such a combination and such a high content of active ingredients. Thus we guarantee an exceptionally powerful formula with the overarching benefits of three health-promoting plants in one handy bottle!

Exclusive use of high-quality extracts

Several facets contribute to the strength of Milk Thistle Complex Tincture. For example, we use only high quality extracts in this premium combination, ensuring superior bioavailability. As a result, our pride provides a fixed high dosage of one in five. This means that each bottle contains as much as 20% active ingredients. Many tincture forms based on milk thistle only have a dilution of one in ten. In this much less concentrated combination, only 10% of the product contains active ingredients. Our milk thistle is therefore twice as effective as many comparable supplements!

Moreover, there are many products on the market that use the leaves of the plant, instead of the many times more biologically active seeds. That is why we make sure that our tincture has both an extremely powerful dilution and the best biologically available forms.

Tincture form ensures efficient absorption

We offer Milk Thistle Complex in tincture form. This has a number of advantages over supplementation in capsule or tablet form. First of all, tincture form ensures rapid and improved absorption of the active substances through the oral mucosa. In addition, some plant species are difficult to digest, but soaking the ingredients in alcohol makes the overall formula more readily available to the body. During this process, small particles are created that are absorbed extremely quickly into the bloodstream. This results in lightning fast and highly effective absorption!

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Milk Thistle Complex tincture - 50 ml

Milk Thistle Complex tincture - 50 ml

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