Summer Package

Experience a healthy and radiant summer with the Meditech Europe Summer Package! This package includes everything you need for an active and healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the benefits of 500ml Colloidal Nano Silver, a stylish copper water bottle, 3 Polarizer Plates, Magnesium Taurate, Calcium 400&D3, Vitamin D2&K2, and Vitamin C. Take good care of yourself and make the most of the sunny days!


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Meditech Europe Summer Package: The Key to a Healthy and Radiant Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and boost your health. The Meditech Europe Summer Package offers a comprehensive selection of products specially designed to help you have a healthy and energetic summer. Discover the benefits of each product in this carefully curated package:

  1. 500ml Colloidal Nano Silver: Colloidal silver is known for its cleaning properties and supports your biological system. Perfect for summer when you’re often exposed to different environments and people.

  2. Copper Water Bottle: This stylish and durable bottle keeps your drinks cool and offers the benefits of copper, such as promoting good digestion and supporting healthy skin.

  3. 3 Polarizer Plates: These plates help restore the energetic balance in your body and can contribute to overall well-being, ideal for summer days full of activities.

  4. Magnesium Taurate (180 tablets): Magnesium is essential for muscle function and energy levels. With increased activity in summer, this supplement helps prevent cramps and keeps you energized.

  5. Calcium 400&D3 (90 tablets): Calcium is crucial for strong bones, and combined with Vitamin D3, absorption is improved. Indispensable in summer when you’re outdoors and in the sun.

  6. Vitamin D2&K2 (30ml): Vitamin D is essential for your immune system and bone health. During summer, the use of sunscreen can reduce the skin’s production of vitamin D. This supplement ensures you get enough. Vitamin K2 supports the function of vitamin D.

  7. Vitamin C (180 tablets): Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens your immune system and helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

With the Meditech Europe Summer Package, you have everything you need for a healthy and active summer. Each product is carefully selected to support a healthy lifestyle, so you can fully enjoy the sunny days. Prepare for a radiant summer and boost your health with this complete package!

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Summer Package

Summer Package

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