Sharp FP-J30EUB Air Purifier

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The FPJ30EUB is the latest model High-Density Plasma Cluster air purifier from Sharp which transforms your home and / or work environment into a clean and beneficial environment

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This new model Plasma Cluster air purifier from Sharp is the latest in its kind and the successor to previous models. Improved air flow and overall performance make this model a true gift in the field of pure air purification.

How does a Sharp FPJ30EUB Plasma Cluster air purifier work?

The Sharp Plasma Cluster air purifier filters all the air in the room, and not just the air that is sucked into the air stream, as is the case with regular air purifiers. This makes the range much larger and the operation more effective: even behind the sofa and under furniture.

With plasma cluster air purifiers, ions are dispersed throughout the room to do their air-purifying work. For example, odors from, for example, curtains, bedding and floor coverings are thoroughly removed.

What is the beneficial effect of a Sharp FPJ30EUB Plasma Cluster air purifier?

Only in plasma clustering the effect is threefold:

The purification takes place within the space

Undesirable particles are broken down

The cell walls of microorganisms are damaged

Parts of cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and for example perspiration break-up into harmless substances, which are normally already in the (clean) air. Bacteria, fungi, viruses and house dust mites are also attacked and rendered harmless by the ions. The dead house dust mite, for example, is still inhaled normally, but will not be able to cause an allergic reaction after exposure to the plasma cluster ions. A big relief for people with sensitive respiratory systems and certain allergies!

A specific air purifier for different situations:

Meditech Europe has various air purifiers in the range. Depending on the size of the room where you want to place the Sharp Plasma Cluster air purifier, you can choose the most suitable one. They are all handy, easy to adjust and can be used immediately.

Advantages of the Sharp FPJ30EUB Plasma Cluster air purifier:

The Sharp FPJ30EUB is equipped with handy swivel wheels, making it very easy to move.

In addition, it has a carrying handle, a large water refill opening and is stable to place. This makes it even easier to refill the water tank.

Very quiet (26 dB).

Three fan speeds (low-medium-high).

Provided with detailed color display.

For rooms up to approximately 21m2

Anti-micro bacterial Hepa filter with washable carbon filter

Air displacement capacity 180 m3/h

Dimensions (in mm): 463x400x182

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s:3:"100";% of 100
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Sharp FP-J30EUB Air Purifier

Sharp FP-J30EUB Air Purifier

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