PARA-DTX - 60 vegan capsules

A botanical complex formula that drips with innovation!

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Many products contain only powdered nutrients, in order to save on expensive extracts. In general, powders do not compare to extracts when it comes to the amount of active ingredients per milligram. A powder is just a raw product, but then finely ground. Now there are exceptions to the rule. Some raw products contain such a high level of active ingredients that going through an extraction process has little added value. Therefore, in these cases we have chosen to include a powder form in the PARA-DTX formula.

The herbal cocktail PARA-DTX works, among others, to support a healthy gastrointestinal system. Research shows that the use of a combination formula has a significantly higher effect than a single herbal product. Therefore PARA-DTX has no less than eight ingredients that work together synergistically. PARA-DTX provides per capsule a concentrated octet in which oregano, garlic, absinthe, lapachol, Canadian turmeric extract, clove, ginger and black walnut extract play the leading role. The addition of the patented black pepper extract Bioperine® further strengthens the formula.

The spices in this formula are usually known as a rich addition in the kitchen. However, seasoning the meal requires completely different doses than therapeutic use. That is why each daily dose contains no less than 250 mg oregano and 250 mg garlic. These herbs are known for their antioxidant properties, but are also good for the heart and airways. The addition of 100 mg of lapachol from Pau d'Arco, berberine from Canadian turmeric and clove aid the immune system and also act as antioxidants in our body. Ginger root extract (50 mg) promotes healthy digestion.

Bioperine® (95-98% piperine) is an extract obtained from the black pepper fruit (Piper Nigrum). BioPerine® is the only piperine extract with patented status. This high-quality nutrient has obtained this status by acquiring the characteristics of being pure, safe and effective through a series of clinical tests. This highly effective extract from the black pepper fruit is good for digestion and acts as an antioxidant. We added Bioperine® mainly to this formula because the black pepper extract makes the other nutrients in the formula more absorbable.

Take 2 capsules 1-2 times daily, with or shortly after the meal, unless otherwise advised. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Ask your expert about the application of this product.

Ingredients: Origanum vulgare, Allium sativum bulbus, Vegetarian HPMC capsule, artemesia absinthium, potato starch (filler), pau d'arco, hydrastis canadensis extract, syzygium aromaticum, zingiber officinalis rhizoma, juglans nigra fructus extract, sunflower oil (flow improver), black pepper extract.

Contains no: GMO, gluten, yeast, lactose, sugar, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.


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PARA-DTX - 60 vegan capsules

PARA-DTX - 60 vegan capsules

Special Price €17.52 Regular Price €21.90
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