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Pure Water Mini Classic III

Pure Water Mini Classic III

Pure Water Mini Classic III

This fully automatic water distillation system produces fresh distilled water for your whole family or for at your workplace. The applications are varied: for example, from ice cubes to drinking water for your pet. A perfect addition to the family home!
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In this series of Pure Water, no fewer than three formats are for sale: Mini, Medi and Mega. The Mini Classic is a compact, portable yet sturdy distillation unit with an internal container. Ideal for use by one or two people.

Very handy: this device does not require a connection to the main water supply. The Classic Mini is also handy on vacation.

Did you know that this unit received the highest quality award in its class by the famous Consumer Association of America?

How does the Pure Water Mini Classic water distillation system work?

Fill the container with water, plug it into the socket and immediately begin the production of fresh, pure distilled water. When, the cycle is complete the distiller is automatically switched off. The distilled water is collected in a so-called "one gallon" refrigerator jug with lid, which comes standard with the device.

What are the characteristics of the Pure Water Mini Classic distillation system?

• The Pure Water Classic series is constructed from top quality stainless steel and provide reliable operation for years with minimal maintenance.
• It is air cooled and equipped with a unique float design to stop automatically when the tank is full.
• The unit has a built-in sterilizer system and is easy to clean.
• A safety system automatically switches off in case of overheating and at the end of a cycle.
• The Pure Water Series is designed to operate for many years free of defects and has a limited warranty of 15 years.
• Each distillation unit is equipped with valves to allow harmful gases to escape and with an activated carbon filter to protect inorganic and organic gas throughput to the storage tank.

The maintenance is reduced to a minimum with the automatic flushing system.

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