Iron Bisglycinate Complex

Iron is a very important trace element in our body. In fact, we need iron for important biochemical processes in our body.

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Did you know that iron bisglycinate is one of the best absorbable forms of iron? Iron is a very important trace element in our body. In fact, we need iron for important biochemical processes in our body. For example: making the protein haemoglobin as part of red blood cells. Haemoglobin binds oxygen and transports it to your tissues, muscles and organs. To make haemoglobin, you need 3 nutrients: iron, folic acid (vitamin B11) and vitamin B12. Being deficient in haemoglobin can cause anaemia. Iron is needed as a co-factor to make energy (ATP). In addition, iron is one of the co-factors to convert tyrosine into dopamine and tryptophan into serotonin, so it is an important substance for feeling well and sleeping well. Pregnant and breastfeeding women have an increased need for iron. Iron is needed because more blood needs to be produced by the mother and baby during pregnancy. The need is especially increased in the third trimester of pregnancy. With weak digestion due to low stomach acid production, iron deficiency is common. And iron and vitamin B12 deficiency is common in hypothyroidism. A major reason for this is usually reduced stomach acid production. Iron deficiency can cause brittle nails, partial loosening of the nail and longitudinal grooves. If the nails or nail bed look very pale, this could also indicate anaemia. Hair loss can also occur due to iron deficiency. And restless legs syndrome also often indicates deficiency. If little to no meat is eaten, iron deficiency can occur or in case of heavy bleeding or heavy menstruation. You can get iron through food: nettle (tea), green vegetables, beef, horse and lamb meat, legumes, whole grain products, nuts and seeds. Spirulina and chlorella, single-celled algae, are high in chlorophyll and provide natural iron, among other things. The absorption of iron is enhanced by vitamin C. If you have a measured severe iron deficiency, you can take an easily absorbable supplement such as iron bisglycinate. For less severe iron deficiency, you can take spirulina and chlorella or a multivitamin, always combine these supplements with vitamin C.

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Iron Bisglycinate Complex

Iron Bisglycinate Complex

Special Price €15.92 Regular Price €19.90
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