Jar for Cosmetics 50 ml

Discover the 50 ml UV jar from Meditech Europe, perfect for storing your precious cosmetics. This unique jar offers superior protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, extending the shelf life and effectiveness of your products. Made with durability and quality in mind, this jar is a must-have for anyone looking to preserve and protect their cosmetic creations naturally.

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The 50 ml UV jar from Meditech Europe is specifically designed to protect your cosmetics from the harmful influences of ultraviolet light. This innovative jar utilizes UV-protective glass that helps to preserve the active ingredients in your products, significantly extending their effectiveness and shelf life. It's ideal for a wide range of products, from creams and ointments to oils and serums.

Not only is the jar practical, but it also features a sleek design that looks great in any bathroom or on any makeup table. Its durable construction ensures that your products remain safe and hygienic. Additionally, using these UV jars contributes to the sustainability of your cosmetics by reducing waste and the need for preservatives.

Meditech Europe is known for its reliable service, fast delivery, and high-quality products​​​​​​. By choosing the 50 ml UV jar, you're opting for a product that not only protects your cosmetics but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Whether you're a professional in the cosmetics industry or simply someone who makes and stores their own products, this jar is the perfect solution to maintain the quality of your cosmetics.

  • Capacity to fill point: 50 ml
  • Capacity to brimful: 56 ml
  • Height: 44 mm
  • Diameter: 54 mm
  • Weight: 95 gram
  • Shape: Round
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Jar for Cosmetics 50 ml

Jar for Cosmetics 50 ml

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