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Warts removal with Papiopad

Warts removal with Papiopad

Warts removal with Papiopad

Warts are (small) nodules on your skin. Often warts occur on hands or feet, but they can also be in other places. Think of a wart on the head, around the genitals or on the leg. Warts are caused by a virus and although they are innocent, it is not nice to have and sometimes even very unpleasant to have them. We are proud to announce the Papiopad which allows you to remove warts in a natural and painless way.

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Without noticing it, you can suddenly discover a wart in yourself. Although warts may look different, the small lump is easily recognisable. Maybe you had them as a child and had them removed by your doctor. Maybe as an adult you suffer from them more often and it is difficult to get them away and keep them away. It is good to know more about warts before you start treating or removing them.

How do warts develop?

Warts come in all shapes and sizes. In almost all cases warts are caused by the virus verruca vulgaris. It is a variant of the human papillomavirus (HPV). This form is also called the 'common wart' and occurs mainly on the hands, elbows, knees and top of the feet. If you have an ordinary wart, you are apparently in contact with this virus. For example by direct contact (skin contact), such as shaking a hand. But you can also catch the virus through indirect contact. Think of a used towel or an infected door handle. The virus spreads throughout the entire body. That is why you can get warts in different places.

Genital warts are also caused by the human papillomavirus, but in a different type. Besides these two warts, there are also other warts, such as foot warts. These are located under the foot and the warts can spread over the entire foot or go into the depths. Warts such as age-related warts and water warts are not caused by the warts virus.

What does a wart look like?

The common wart looks like a thick, skin-colored callus spot. They are hard and rough and sometimes you can see black dots in the wart. These are small blood vessels. The benign tumours are round, oval or some kind of bulge. They are usually a millimeter to a centimeter in size, but can also be larger.

Children are more likely to suffer from common warts than adults. They have more direct contact and the virus spreads quickly. In addition, they often scratch warts, which increases the risk of infection.

Can you treat or remove warts?

A warts is not serious, but it can cause complaints. Sometimes it is accompanied by itching or eczema, sometimes a wart can bleed. A wart underfoot is annoying. In addition, they don't look nice and warts are especially noticeable when they are in the face or on the hands.

It's nice that in most cases warts disappear on their own, although this takes some time: it can take at least two years before a wart is gone. After all, a wart is the result of an infection with a virus and the body has to work hard to recognize and combat the virus.

Fortunately, you can remove the warts yourself or have them removed. This also prevents spreading. Warts can be removed in different ways. For example, the doctor can freeze the warts by means of liquid nitrogen. But there is a better, natural method.

Warts removal with the Papiopad

A painless treatment against warts, which is also suitable for children, is the use of the Papiopad. With these heat compresses you create a local fever. The warts become so hot that the immune system and the body are activated and the HPV virus is tackled on a cellular level. This causes the wart to disappear. It is a unique and new method that - as long as the instructions for use are followed - is completely painless. Warts removal is very easy with Papiopad.

Papiopad is a natural treatment, without corrosive substances. In the pads there is a saline solution that provides the heat. This makes the product safe for children. Each pad can be used up to fifty times. After each treatment, the pad can be boiled in a pan of water so that it is sterile again and ready for the next use.

What makes the Papiopad so special?

Warts disappear after at least ten treatments
Completely painless, provided that the instructions for use are followed
Easy to use
The Papiopad is reusable Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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