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Vitalising water

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Vitalizing water, what is it? In essence it is restoring the structure of water, back to its natural state. Like all substances in the world, water has a certain vibration pattern. The vitalization of water influences this pattern. When the water is not completely clean anymore, this vibration pattern changes. By purifying the water it is possible to give the water the right pattern again and thus vitalize it.


Vitalized water is a lot healthier than when it is not. Water that we vitalize has a high energetic value and is free of harmful vibrations. This process has a harmonizing and purifying effect on the water.


Why energize water with Meditech Europe products?

✓ Pure and clean water

✓ Ordered before 15:00 is shipped the same day

✓ Free shipping and returns from 100€

✓ Both at home and on the road

✓ Reliable service


What exactly does vitalising water mean?

If you want to vitalise water, you can make good use of our Meditech Europe Water SuperVitalizer. This device brings water back to its natural and healthy form of movement. More information about this device can be found in our webshop.


Tailor-made advice from specialists

Do you have a specific question about vitalising water? Or would you like to know more about one of the other products to improve your health or living environment? Our team of specialists will be happy to help you with any questions you may have! You can reach us by phone on working days from 8.00 to 17.00 hours via +31527 292 331. You can also use the chat function on our site, or fill in the contact form. Would you like to contact us via Skype? You can also contact us via the account meditech.europe. We speak Dutch, German, Italian, French and English and always strive to provide you with an appropriate answer as soon as possible.

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