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Violet Ray Versailles

Violet Ray Versailles

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Violet Ray Versailles

Do you want to treat damaged skin and acne yourself and in just a few minutes a day, soothe wrinkles and stimulate the general blood circulation of your skin? Then choose the Violet Ray Versailles. Simply place one of the applicators (glass electrode) on the area to be treated and let the electric "spray" do its work.

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How does the Violet Ray Versailles work?

You place the applicator (glass electrode) on the skin or body part to be treated. With the control knob you set the strength of the flow, based on what feels comfortable for you. Move the applicator back and forth with a slight movement over the body. Beforehand applying a little talcum powder or lotion (which does not contain alcohol) on the skin eases the movements of the applicator. You move it slowly over the area to be treated until it has become sufficiently warm or until the treatment is complete. In just a few minutes a day!

Note the following when using the Violet Ray Versailles:


  • Although the applicator is made of the most robust type of glass possible for this application, it is still fragile and needs to be handled with care. To prevent breakage when inserting or removing an applicator, it must be extended or retracted in a straight motion without twisting or bending.
  • Protect your hand with a piece of fabric in case the applicator breaks.
  • In order to avoid electric shock, the body must not come into contact with metal (including steel furniture) during use.
  • The Violet Ray Versailles can be used every 15 minutes at a time. You can treat with it a further 15 minutes through the switch.
  • Do not touch the Violet Ray Versailles or insert the plug into the socket with wet hands, in the sink, in the bathtub or in the shower.
  • During using the Violet Ray Versailles, avoid tonic or lotion that contains alcohol on the hair or any other part of the body.
  • An applicator is durable. If failures occur, attach another applicator or use a different electrical outlet to find out if the generator is broken.
  • Always make sure you use a grounded socket!


Which technique does the Violet Ray Versailles use?

The principle of treating various discomforts with high-frequency current has been around for at least 80 years and was developed by scientist Nicolas Tesla at the time. The current is spread by an electric "spray" caused by a glass vacuum applicator that is attached in a handle. The electric discharge, which is adjustable in intensity, has a deep violet color, hence the term Violet Ray. Today, this method is still widely used in treating all kinds of inconveniences such as joint pains, skin conditions, warts and other applications.

The Violet Ray Versailles comes with an extensive use advice in book form with clear advice, applications and maintenance tips from doctors, professors and therapists.

The Violet Ray has been around for more than 80 years, is high frequency and the high voltage comes from a low power source. It has a voltage of more than 50,000 volts and a frequency of more than a few million vibrations per second.

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