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Sharp plasmacluster KC-D50EUW

Sharp plasmacluster KC-D50EUW

Sharp plasmacluster KC-D50EUW

Pure air is very important for good health. Provide clean air in your living and working environment with Sharp's newest series plasma  cluster air purifiers.

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The air you breathe feeds you with plenty of oxygen and energy every day. Pure air is therefore very important for maintaining good health. Not for nothing are the mountains of Austria and Switzerland known as beneficial places. Because of the high altitude, the air in these areas is very pure and therefore the lungs have all the space to absorb oxygen and feed you. Sharp's plasma cluster air purifiers provide very clean air that is free from pathogens, pollen and other impurities. In addition, they humidify the air, which also has a positive effect on your living environment and well-being. Also, the plasma cluster air purifier removes static electricity from the air.

What is the plasma cluster technique?

The plasma cluster technique of Sharp consists of negative and positive charged ions that are fed into the space together with moisture. These clusters bind to impurities and make them harmless through oxidation. In addition, the plasma clusters cause static electricity to disappear from your living and/or work environment.

Why is static electricity undesirable?

When your air and everything is statically charged, the impurities such as viruses, bacteria, pollen and other allergens attach to the walls, furniture, curtains, etc. of your home. In contact this may cause unwanted effects. The plasma cluster air purifier eliminates the static charge in the air and drains the dissolved impurities.

How does Sharp's new plasma cluster air purifier work?

The air purification of the plasma cluster air purifiers is twofold. First, the air is treated by the ionic plasma clusters. Impurities are therefore rendered harmless. After that, the remains and bad odors in the room are passed through a series of filters. First, a so-called Micron-Mesh pre-filter that filters the most dirt out of the air, then a deodorant filter that removes bad odors, and then a 0.3 micron virus and dust filter which filters out viruses, bacteria and other allergens that are present in the air.
Werking van de Sharp KC-D serie plasmacluster luchtreiniger

Attractive and innovative designed

The KC-D series plasma cluster air purifiers are elegantly designed and are therefore beautiful in every living or working environment. With the handy wheels it's easy to move when you want to vacuum, for example, or to enjoy the pure air in another space. Also, the KC-D series is very quiet and you will not even notice when doing their cleaning work, even when you are sleeping. The water tank is easy to remove, transport and clean. Sensors

New Plasma Cluster Ion Shower Mode

The new KC-D series has an Ion Shower Mode that performs a short powerful negative and positive ion flow through your space to quickly and efficiently give a cleaning boost to your space and to quickly remove all static electricity.

All features of the KC-D50EUW listed for you

- Air purifier + humidifier

- Suitable for spaces up to 38 m2

- Double purification, via filters
  (HEPA + carbon)

  and plasma cluster ions

- Air movement & damping ability

  of 306 m3/h and 660 ml/h

- Dust, temperature, odor and
  moisture sensors

- Water tank (2,5L) with carrying handle

- 4 fan speeds + automatic mode with slats

- Dimmable display (3 positions) &
  wheels with stopper

- Pollen program, On/Off timer,
  Child lock & Air quality Indicators


- Weight 7.9 kg

- Outside Dimensions (W x D x H)
  437 mm x 263 mm x 657 mm

Three different versions

Sharp has released three different versions of the KC-D series plasma cluster air purifiers: the 40EUW, 50EUW and the 60EUW. All three are equipped with all innovative techniques as mentioned, but each version is suitable for other conditions. We have listed the most important differences for you

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