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KC-G Serie - Sharp Luchtreinigers

Sharp KC-G Serie

  • Sharp KC-G Serie
  • Sharp KC-G40EUW
  • Sharp KC-G50EUW
  • Sharp KC-G60EUW
  • Sharp KC-G60EUH

KC-G Serie - Sharp Luchtreinigers

The professional air cleaner series from Sharp for demanding users
The KC-G series Plasmacluster Air Cleaners/Humidifiers is the latest high-quality line of air cleaners/humidifiers specially designed for people who particularly benefit from clean air.

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Sharp KC-G40EUH
Sharp KC-G40EUW Air Purifier / Humidifier
Sharp KC-G50EUW Air Purifier / Humidifier
Sharp KC-G60EUW Air Purifier / Humidifier

The indispensable importance of pure air

The air you breathe feeds your body every day with a lot of oxygen and energy. Pure air is therefore very important for the maintenance of good health. It is not without reason that the mountain regions of Austria and Switzerland are known as beneficial places. The air is very clean because of the high altitude and because of this the lungs have all the space necessary to absorb oxygen and to feed your body with it. Sharp's plasma cluster air cleaners provide you with very clean air from sources of disease, pollen and other impurities. In addition, they humidify the air, which also has a positive effect on your living environment and overall well-being. The plasma cluster air cleaner also removes the static electricity from the air.

What is plasmacluster technology?

Sharp's plasma cluster technology consists of negatively and positively charged ions that are fed into space in combination with moisture. These clusters bind to impurities and render them harmless by oxidation. In addition, the plasma clusters ensure that the static electricity disappears from your living and/or working environment.

Why is static electricity undesirable?

When your air and everything in it is statically charged, the impurities such as viruses, bacteria, pollen and other allergens attach themselves to the walls, furniture, curtains, etcetera of your home. If you come into contact with this, they may cause undesirable effects. The plasma cluster air cleaner eliminates the static charge in the air and removes the loosened impurities.

How does the new plasma cluster air cleaner from Sharp work?

The air purification of the plasma cluster air cleaners is twofold. First the air is treated by the ionic plasma clusters. Impurities are thereby rendered harmless. After that, the residues and bad odors in the room are fed through a series of filters. First a so-called Micron-Mesh pre-filter that filters out the most dirt from the air, then a deodorant filter that removes bad smells, then a 0.3 Micron virus and dust HEPA filter that filters out airborne viruses, bacteria and other allergens.

Elegance and maximum performance in one design

The KC-G series plasma cluster air cleaners are specially designed to look beautiful but above all to fulfill their purifying and nourishing task. The latest techniques make this series even more convenient and effective. The KC-G series is also very quiet as you are used to from the Sharp Plasmacluster series. With the latest innovative techniques from Sharp, this "high-end" air purifier series in all respects exceeds its predecessors.

Plasma cluster Ion Shower and Spot functions

The KC-G series has, in contrast to other models, two high-volume ion current functions:

The Plasmacluster Ion Shower: is an Ion shower function that provides a short, powerful boost of negative and positive ions through your room to quickly and effectively give the room a purifying boost and to quickly remove all static electricity.

The Plasmacluster Spot: allows you to direct a flow of 100,000 ions to one specific spot, allowing you to quickly and effectively clean a mat, rug, dog bed, etcetera with the powerful action of the plasmacluster technique.

Technical data

The KC-G series is designed for spaces of at least 28 m2 of floor space

The KC-G series produces very little noise and is therefore very quiet

The filters in the KC-G are easy to clean and require very little replacement. (about once every ten years)

Three different versions

Sharp has released three different versions of the KC-G series of plasma cluster air cleaners: the 40EUW, 50EUW and 60EUW. All three are equipped with all innovative techniques as mentioned but each version is suitable for other conditions.

Specifications of the KC-G Series at a glance:

  • Compact air cleaner + humidifier
  • Plasma cluster technology
  • Quiet operation
  • Double purification via filters and ions
  • 3 fan speeds + auto mode
  • Carbon filter
  • Washable air humidifying filter
  • Automatic light dimming via light sensor
  • Water tank with carrying handle
  • Particulate matter, temperature, moisture & light sensor
  • Anti-micro bacterial Hepa filter
  • Air humidity indicator per%
  • Pollen, Ion Shower & PCI Spot program
  • Clean sign indicator (7 positions)
  • Separate particulate matter "clean sign" indicator
  • Mobile with stopper
  • Water refill indicator
  • On/Off timer (14H / 8H)
  • Provided with slats against dust
  • Child lock

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