KCF32EUW Air purifier/humidifier 21m2

Purification takes place in the room, unwanted particles are broken down andcell walls of micro-organisms are damaged

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Whether we like it or not, we spend a large part of the day indoors these days. It is therefore important to keep the air at home fresh and healthy, both for the nose and the airways. Strangely enough, the improved quality of insulation in our homes has a negative effect on the air quality. Allergic reactions, colds and headaches are actually caused or exacerbated indoors. Asthma, hay fever, dust mites and dust allergy can be the result. Good air cleaning is therefore important.
How does a Sharp KCF32EUW Plasmacluster air purifier work? The Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier filters all the air in the room, not just the air being sucked into the air stream, as is the case with regular air purifiers. The range is therefore much greater and the effect more effective: even behind the sofa and under furniture.
With plasma cluster air cleaners, ions are spread throughout the room to do their air-cleaning work. At the same time, the ions humidify the air in the room and automatically keep the humidity level at the percentage that is most optimal for people, namely between 55% and 65%. This double action makes air purification even more effective, as the water particles attach themselves to the plasma cluster ions. Together with the water, they are sucked deep into the fabrics: odours from curtains, bedding and carpets, for example, are thus thoroughly removed.
What is the result of a Sharp KCF32EUW Plasmacluster air purifier ? Only with plasma clustering the effect is threefold:

Purification takes place in the room
Unwanted particles are broken down
The cell walls of micro-organisms are damaged

Parts of cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and perspiration, for example, are broken down into harmless substances that are normally already in the (clean) air. Ions also attack bacteria, moulds, viruses and house dust mites and render them harmless. The dead house dust mite, for instance, is still inhaled, but after exposure to the plasma cluster ions it will no longer cause an allergic reaction. Quite a relief for people with sensitive airways and certain allergies!
An air cleaner for different situations: Meditech Europe has various air cleaners in its range. Depending on the size of the room where you want to place the Sharp plasma cluster air purifier, you can choose the most suitable one. They are all handy, easy to adjust and ready for immediate use.
Benefits of the Sharp KCF32EUW Plasmacluster Air Purifier:

The Sharp KCF32EUW air purifier is also a humidifier. Thus, depending on the temperature, in automatic mode it will always aim for an air humidity percentage of between 55% and 65%, which is the most comfortable percentage for the human body.
At the same time, the air-purifying plasma cluster ions are surrounded by the water particles. This drastically reduces the static electricity in the room. This in turn creates a healthy, refreshing balance of ions (as found in nature), less dust and fewer allergens on e.g. clothing.
Because the water particles (together with the plasma cluster ions) can penetrate fabrics such as carpets, curtains, fabric sofas, duvets, pillows etc., the plasma cluster ions can now also perform their cleaning action deep into these fabrics.
The Sharp KCF32EUW is equipped with convenient swivel castors, making it very easy to move around.
In addition, it has a carry handle, a large water refill opening and can be placed in a stable position. This makes refilling the water tank even easier.
Water tank of 1.8 l.
Very quiet (22 dB).
Three fan speeds (low-medium-high).
Equipped with detailed colour display. The condition of the air can be read by means of a dust monitor. The air humidity is also displayed separately per %.
For spaces up to approximately 21m2
Anti-microbacterial Hepa filter with washable carbon filter
Air displacement capacity 180 m3/h
Air humidification capacity 350 ml/h
Dimensions (mm): 570x380x197

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KCF32EUW Air purifier/humidifier 21m2

KCF32EUW Air purifier/humidifier 21m2

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