Rife Therapy tube Orange

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Rife Therapy Tube Orange, the new Rife tube for intense therapy

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The Rife Therapy tube Orange is a Rife lamp that is filled with Helium and Neon gas. It replaces the Argon Therapy lamp, which is no longer available.

The Rife Therapy Lamp Orange is bigger, more powerful then ever and better to use for multiple tasks.


The size of the total unit:

Length: 19 cm 

Width: 5,5 cm

When the Rife Therapy tube Orange is connected to the Multiwave Oscillator, the mix of helium and Neon gas ignites. The orange light that is created has a beneficial feeling when you gently and slowly massage the Rife Therapy tube Orange over your skin.

The high-frequency resonance spread by the lamp provides a feeling of enlightenment in the places where you massage with the lamp. We advise to use the Rife Therapy tube on affected spots on or under your skin. You can also use it on the sole of the feet, where many energy spots and nerves are close under the skin. 

Our own experiences show some remarkable results: higher Oxygen in the blood, better muscle activities, pain relief in bone-, muscle- and skin tissue.

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s:3:"100";% of 100
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Rife Therapy tube Orange

Rife Therapy tube Orange

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