Printplate Antenna

The Printplate Antenna is your local solution according to the Lakhovsky theory
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The Printplate Antenna is extremely suitable for a local treatment according to the Lakhovsky theory.

The Printplate Antenna is made of a plastic reinforced with carbon, on which rings are made of legendary tin and gold. In these rings you will recognize the Lakhovsky theory. These distances between the rings are calculated very precisely. In combination with the material it makes that they are optimally connected to each other when they are put under power.

When you connect the Printplate Antenna to the Multiwave Oscillator, an enormous high voltage with a low amperage is created. Because the rings transfer the voltage via the Tesla sparks, a powerful oscillation field is created around the antenna.

Thanks to the tripod on which the Printplate Antenna is placed, you can precisely direct this oscillation for a local beneficial treatment.
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Printplate Antenna

Printplate Antenna

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