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Nowadays, every human being is continuously exposed to toxins (chemical and toxic substances) that are contained in everything and everywhere around us. From exhaust fumes and air pollution to toxic substances inside our skin and hair products: toxins are everywhere. Allow yourself the support of a supplement or treatment and choose from our distinctive range.


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Detox supplements

To ensure that the many harmful substances with which every day you come into contact are removed from your body, you can go detox. In a detox, the toxins are removed leaving only the healthy substances. For deeper information about detox and this product, you need to look for yourself. However, we are allowed to help you get the products in our range and books that provide you with more information.

When, you are making use of detox you will experience the following advantages.

  • Increase of performance capacity
  • A stronger immune system
  • Less energy-consuming substances

But, dietary supplements are no substitute for a normal varied diet. So, make sure you apply a healthy diet in addition to our detox culture.

Our detox products

Our offer includes MultiZeo® Basic-Detox Zeolite. This supplement provides the daily detoxification of your body. Thus, your body is protected from toxins in our environment and diet. The Basic Detox Zeolite contains as main ingredient natural volcanic rock with more than 30 valuable minerals.                                                             But also for Oxasanum or DMSO, you can contact us. Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a natural substance, it is a byproduct of the wood industry. It has no smell, a low toxicity, and a relatively high boiling point. Stanley Jacob is also known as "the father of DMSO". He discovered that DMSO can penetrate the skin and other membranes without causing damage. DMSO can also transport other substances into a biological system. Because DMSO increases the absorption rate of some of the compounds, by means of organic tissues (skin, among other things), it can be used as a transport system.


Advantages at Meditech Europe

In addition to these supplements, with us, you can get various other products to improve your health. For example, we have colloidal silver and gold, but also the Multiwave oscillator or ear acupuncture. In our menu, you can see which products we have more for you in our product range.

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