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Our unique OObrusch gives you clean teeth in just 60 seconds. This revolutionary electric toothbrush has counter-rotating brushes, which make simultaneous brushing on the inside and outside of your teeth possible. You now clean your teeth in half the time.


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Unique aspect OObrush

Toothbrushes come in many shapes and sizes. However, you will not find another toothbrush that resembles the OOBrush. Because, we are the exclusive distributor of this product.

The biggest unique difference between the ordinary toothbrush and the OObrush is in the brush. This head is designed to brush both the inside and the outside of your teeth. In addition, this toothbrush also considers the height of your teeth and the best brushing pressure. Brushing your teeth is now possible without having to think. Just place your brush on both sides of your teeth and move slowly.

Benefits OObrush

This revolutionary toothbrush delivers next to fast brushing your teeth through the flexible head with contra-rotating brushes, several other advantages:

• Also, inaccessible parts of your teeth can be reached with the OOBrush

• Your gums will get a gentle massage

• Also, with bracket, or tongue piercing your teeth will be clean

• Waterproof charger for the electric OObrush

• No damage to gums because the OObrush brushes in the right direction


OObrush from Meditech Europe

As the only supplier, you can only come to us for this unique product. We have two versions of this toothbrush in our range. For the electric brushers, we have created an electric OObrush. This brush and charger are beautifully designed, so you really get an eye-catcher for your bathroom. Do you not have space for an electric toothbrush in your bathroom? Then you can also choose for the OObrush with batteries. And if your brushes have to be replaced, we also have loose medium and soft brush heads in our range.

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