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Does a healthy lifestyle also mean so much for you? Do you try to achieve this by being active, eating healthily and providing a natural balance in your body? Of course, you can realise this in many ways and we also contribute our part, by offering Colloidal Silver. The Colloidal Silver that you buy at Meditech Europe is not the standard product as you buy it from other suppliers because we focus on the appropriate laws and regulations of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority so that you are assured of a product that is developed with the right guidelines and requirements.

Colloidal silver and gold

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What is Colloidal Silver?

When purchasing the product Colloidal Silver you naturally will want to know what the product is exactly. For example, it is also known as Nano Silver and it is a fluid suspension that contains electrically charged pieces of silver. These pieces are so small that you cannot see them with the naked eye or that they could cause any strain on your body. Given the composition of the product and the way in which it is being developed it can have an energy enhancing effect and purifying the body.

Colloidal Silver at Meditech Europe

When searching for Colloidal Silver you can consult many parties for the purchase of this product, the question is why you should consult with Meditech Europe for your purchase? Meditech was the first manufacturer of colloidal silver in Europe and by producing Electrolysers people could also start producing it themselves.

Meditech Europe is the only company in the Netherlands that really focuses on the requirements and guidelines of the new Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. This applies both while producing as well as supplying colloidal silver. It can therefore also be said that our products comply with the laws and regulations set forth by the New Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. This is among other supported by laboratory tests performed by an accredited laboratory under which is tested on the requirements and guidelines of HACCP.

Types of Colloidal Silver

All kinds of products may have many variants, and with Colloidal Silver this is also the case. The most common variant in the assortment of Meditech Europe is the Colloidal Silver 1000ml, 10ppm.

In addition, there is also the cream variant which mainly focusses on the skin and also on the absorption of the product through the skin. This product not only contains the Colloidal Silver ointment, but also gold particles.

Furthermore, at Meditech Europe, we also have the Colloidal Silver Essence, another high-energy form of Colloidal Silver that you can get in various shapes and sizes such as the nasal spray and the general Silver Essence.

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