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Oobrush with batteries

Oobrush with batteries

Oobrush with batteries

An electric toothbrush battery that gives you a clean set of teeth in just sixty seconds by specially designed dual counter rotating brushes! Truly a revolution in the area of cleaning teeth as far we are concerned, and by the beautiful design it also is a great addition to your bathroom.

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What makes the OObrush a special toothbrush?

Because of the double brushes you simultaneously polish both the inside and the outside of your teeth, and that is clearly the main difference with regular electric toothbrushes. Especially the inside of your teeth and gums is the area that is difficult to reach and therefore prone to problems. The counter-rotating brushes prevent this, because they brush upwards from the gums to the teeth. Dentists advise that brushing direction, because if reverse you can brush impurities into the gums.   Plaque is effectively removed by these two counter-rotating brushes, and your gums get a gentle massage, in 60 seconds.thus, you're ready twice as fast! The flexible head adjusts automatically to different heights and shapes of your teeth. Afraid you'll be brushing too hard? Also, that is automatically self-regulated, by the special shape of the attachment.

This variant has a stable design allowing it to stand upright. The individual brushes can be replaced easily: after about two to three months of use, as with regular toothbrushes.

How to use the OObrush?

Simply place the brush in your mouth on both sides of your teeth and keep your mouth closed during brushing. Due to the rotations there can be splashing. Move slowly along your teeth with a slight back-and-forth motion, while still holding down the Power button.

Please note: suitable for children over 10 years. You can continue to use toothpicks and other cleaning helpers next to the OObrush. Warranty period is two years. It uses two AA batteries that are included.

Please note: Many toothpastes and aids contain fluorides and other substances that are undesirable. Our position on regular toothpaste and fluorides is clear, we recommend you to opt for something else.There are plenty of alternatives: organic polishes without fluoride or our ionic toothbrush Soladey that uses only water and light to cleans your teeth. Even a homemade paste of baking soda or coconut fat is much healthier for you and perhaps also even more effective.

Decide for yourself. Information is available to a large extent, for example through https://hogerbesef.nl/een-biologische-kijk-op-het-fluoride-probleem/

What is the result of the OObrush?

  • Saving time because you have completed your brushing within sixty seconds 
  • Clean teeth because of the dual brushes and its counter-rotation
  • Thorough cleaning even in hard to reach areas of your teeth
  • Clean teeth, even when you have braces or a tongue piercing
  • Saving money because of the replaceable attachments
  • After brushing a clean and fresh feeling of teeth and gums 
  • Saving money because multiple people can use it: each brush head comes with a colored dot

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