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Tackle skin problems yourself can be done by using the Violet Ray. By high-frequency current, you can safely treat various inconveniences. This principle has already been developed at least 80 years ago by the scientist Nicola Tesla. Discover below our Violet Ray devices.

Violet Ray

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Operation Process of the Violet Ray device

Our Violet Ray devices are very easy to use. You just place the applicator on the body part to be treated. Then, set the control knob to the strength of the current. Always choose a frequency at which you feel comfortable. You then move the applicator then slowly on what area you want to treat. Already a few minutes a day makes a difference with Violet Ray.

Choices at Meditech Europe

Meditech Europe has two Violet Ray devices in its product range. First of all you can choose the Violet Ray Trianon. But also for the Violet Ray Versailles you can contact us. Both products we supply together with the book health, healing and recovery. In this book, you can read an extensive suggested use advice with user tips from different doctors and therapists.

Our advantages

In addition to the Violet Ray, you can contact us for various other products to improve your health. We, for instance, have daylight lamps to improve your energy and mood and water distillers for water without harmful substances. In our menu, you can quickly see which other products we have for you in our product range.

In all our products you get additional advantages:

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  • Reliable service
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