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With a slow juicer, in a snap, you can enjoy sorbets, frozen yoghurt or delicious healthy juices. By creating these juices yourself, you are sure of conservation of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Especially for you, we have selected the best slow juicer. This product does what it promises and offers value for money. A high juice yield, little waste and packed with nutritional values: this device will provide you with years of enjoyment!

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What can a slow juicer do?

A slow juicer is your efficient kitchen helper for a healthy diet. This help quick and easy provides for the most delicious healthy juices. You can totally run wild with different combinations of fruit and vegetables to produce the best tasting juices. These many possibilities ensure a surprising flavour combination, every time.

A slow juicer differs in a few aspects from a blender. Blenders cut the fibres of fruits and vegetables. This device is able to separate the fibers, so that the healthy juices remain. The separation of the fibres can be done because of the slow rotation speed. Your chosen ingredients are thereby not exposed to heat and thus retain their essential minerals and vitamins. The slow juicer adds little oxygen, what expands the lifespan of your juices.

Meditech Europe's slow juicer

We have chosen to not sell a wide range of slow juicers. We offer you only the best slow juicer from Panasonic. This product is suitable for every kitchen with its small size and weight of 4 kg. Panasonic has successfully managed to combine a high juice yield and quality. This not only ensures that you get more juice from your fruit or vegetables, the juice produced is also of higher quality.

In addition, Panasonic also provides a powerful engine. This in combination with the press screw of reinforced stainless steel ensures that you can also effortlessly handle hard pieces of fruit, ginger and nuts. And, all this without causing noise pollution.

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