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Polarizer Serie Seven

Polarizer Serie Seven

Polarizer Serie Seven

Works as an amplifier and polarizer. Tastes of fluids and / or food will change.
Treatment of injuries or pain spots will go more smoothly. Quick recovery.

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More and more people are looking for energy. Not surprising in a hectic society that feels a lot better when you feel good. Not that the energy supplied is lasting, it is still mostly a matter of tidying up, close of, cut, dissolve, forgive, create space for new stimuli, balance, tranquility and warmth.

The Polarizer Series Seven is high in energy and acts as an amplifier and polarizer. Tastes of fluids and / or food will change. Treatment of injuries or pain spots will go smoother and you will recover faster. If the Polarizer Plate was often a welcome surprise than the Series Seven is of an even higher and more intensive level. Many people may feel this and for some discovering what energy can do is a discovery.

No magic at all. Clear laws of physics and electronics.

Be amazed how easy it is, the possibilities are endless.

Especially children and animals react intuitively. Do not be surprised if you put the Polarizer into the dog basket and the dog does not allow you to take it away again. The animal feels it is good and feels comfortable with it. Of course you can carry the Polarizer Series Seven in a bag with you, or put it in the car or between plants.

The Polarizer Series Seven with its toned rings, ceramics and violet color is a nice example of how you can play with energy. The rings are actually toned oscillating antenna rings or open coils that can receive and transmit real-time. In combination with the other fine-material energies they have a strengthening function. The Polarizer Series Seven responds to all subtle energy changes, which creates induction. This field can make a powerful change take place and above all it has a polarizing and strong energetic effect.

Each medium like water, liquids, food, plants, and also humans and animals has a field, and transmits information. The Polarizer Series Seven responds by induction, inverts and emits a broad spectrum of vibrations (frequencies) from which the taste of water softens, becoming alive and energetic. Other liquids can undergo great taste differences due to the added non-natural (read toxic) flavor and colorings and even beer of not natural origin can taste like water.

Under the plate of food or dessert is also a nice test. Place the Polarizer under the plate of food. You can often taste that the taste of food becomes slowly milder and is better tolerated. Desserts are often funny, especially those from the supermarket. According to experts, this kind of food is nothing but luxury packaging waste and never should be considered food at all because of all the rubbish that is added to it.

Even if there is seemingly nothing near the Polarizer, it still remains active. The area is so full of information. Think of all the wireless systems in the house, street, village, town or at work. Anything you can think of. Not that the Polarizer Series of Seven solves everything. In purely technical terms it will continue to invert information and broadcast polarized information in the area. This effect can be enhanced by, for example, putting a crystal on it.

When massaging (lying down) one Polarizer may be put on the atlas (the neck) and a polarizer on the tailbone. When one polarizer is used start on the tailbone. When lying on your back the solar plexus is a good place.

Always make sure the Polarizer is dry. When you put your hand around or on the Polarizer this creates a powerful field and you can use it to energize, or to relax. This is often used to treat humans or to balance them. Try this. Lay the Polarizer on your left hand with the rings up and hold your right hand a little bit above the Polarizer. Feel what happens. Comments like: Hey, I can feel my hand getting warm or tingling in my fingers. Keep the Polarizer in your right hand and hold it over the back  or belly of your child and feel how often this creates peace, even to yourself.

Put your Polarizer in a painful spot or on the solar plexus and experience the change. Sometimes the pain get stronger first to weaken after a while. By putting it on your solar plexus you will relax. Follow your feelings and experiment as much as you want.

Give your plants some water that stood on the Polarizer for half an hour or put the plant that could use some energy on it. Think of cut flowers. Do you or your child sleep restless, put the Polarizer under the mattress or on the floor under the bed. Put a crystal on the Polarizer and feel the transforming energy in the room.

Thoughts have power, so once you're planning on doing it the phenomenon already starts to work. It has been established that thoughts influence and form tiny particles. Your biological system immediately reacts to a thought,  your muscles immediately get stronger or weaker. With muscle tests or measurements you can confirm this immediately. The environment where other people, animals, plants etc. are part of react consciously or unconsciously. Distance appears non-existent. More information in the book by Lynne McTaggart 'The Intention Experiment'. 

According to Rupert Sheldrake every living being has a unique morph-energetic field. Each hair, saliva, photo is therefore part of this field. For many years people put up a photo or a possession of a person who is dear to them, in a strong energetic field to send them positive energy remotely. The fact that these thoughts are helping is even proven scientifically. Not that it matters. It is nice to know that nothing is impossible! Don't you think!?

An idea of ​​Hessel Hoornveld

Thanks to George Lakhovsky, Nikola Tesla, Linda Goodman and You.

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