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Ozone Generators help you to get fresh, clean and especially oxygen-rich ambient air, in every room. No more unpleasant odors from your pets or contaminated (medical) devices. You can use your ozone generator everywhere for the disinfecting and cleaning of air, equipment and fluids.

Ozone water generators

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What does an ozone generator do?

An ozone generator is a device that, among other, converts fragrant molecules into oxygen molecules. First of all, this generator lets oxygen atoms from the air collide with electrons. This process takes place under high voltage. If the collision has taken place, ozone gas there has arisen. Ozone gas is composed of unstable molecules that seek out fragrant molecules. When the gas binds to the fragrant molecules, they break down.

The production of ozone is good because of the unique purifying power. The unstable molecules have powerful disinfecting properties. As a result, the gas can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Application possibilities ozone generator

Our ozone generators are used for various problems. The disinfection and sterilization is one of the possibilities. This may, among other, be applied to:

• Different living spaces

• (Medical) equipment

• Food, fruit and vegetables

• Cars, campers and boats

But your ozone generator can do more. You can also use it for the removal of smoke odors, and to increase the killing of bacteria or the oxygen concentration in the air.

Our ozone generator

We have different ozone generators in our product range. When you decide to buy an ozone generator, you will want to turn it on as soon as possible. With us, that is possible, because all products in our range can be easily installed by yourself. If you suffer from unpleasant odours, you can try the Ozone air purifier. This device transforms the carbon dioxide with unpleasant odours into clean oxygen. But we also have water generators. These generators provide among others, water so that you can wash your hands with hygienic and disinfectant water.

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