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Does your food not taste as you would like? Our energy chips are designed to energize and optimize food and drink. Through these energy chips taste is softer and the experience more intense. After years of research, the Urmoor products were developed by Walter Zapf- Bioinformations Technology ™. All Urmoor chips are patented and continuously active.

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What do energy chips change?

Energy chips can reverse the polarity of or neutralize the high-frequency fields. This is due to the patented process. You can apply the energy chips, among others in the following ways:

  • By using Urmoor chips, coffee and tea will taste softer and the experience becomes more intense and more aromatic.
  • Fruits and vegetables develop a more refined subtle flavor.
  • Your food will get better digestible, more stomach-friendly and better tasting.
  • You can place a chip under your pillow and test what this does to your sleep.
  • Also, on plants the Urmoor has a positive effect, find out yourself what this product does with your plants.
  • To stimulate wound healing or healing of injuries.
  • You can also use the chip with a laptop, computer or any other device that emits radiation.


Our range of Urmoor Cards

At Meditech Europe, you can find various types of Urmoor Cards. We have the Urmoor Card first. This is the standard size card that is suitable for different purposes. If, you want to protect yourself from the radiation from your mobile phone then you can use our Urmoor mobile phone chip. We also have a complete package with 4 e-smog chips. These chips are designed for all portable electronic devices.

Besides the range of Urmoor Cards, we also have the Energy discs in our range. If you do want more energy but are not yet convinced of the Urmoor, then look at our Energy disc, because they also provide you with more energy.

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