Multiwave Skin Pro Package

The Multiwave Skin Pro Package consists of

  • Multiwave skin
  • Therapy pillow
  • Rife Therapy Tube Orange
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The deep and beneficial relaxation of the Multiwave Oscillator with the technique of the Violet Ray, in combination with the Rife Therapy Tube!


What technique does Multiwave Skin use?

The principle of using high frequency current to treat various discomforts has existed for at least 80 years and was developed by the scientist Nicolas Tesla. The current is spread as an electric "mist" by means of a glass vacuum applicator mounted in a handle. The electric discharge, the intensity of which is adjustable, has a deep violet colour. Hence the term "violet ray" used for this. Today, this method is still widely used for all kinds of discomforts such as joint pains, skin disorders, warts and other applications.

What is Multiwave Skin used for?

- Skin ailments
- Scar tissue
- Surgery wounds
- Infected wounds
- Beauty treatments
- Wrinkles around the eyes
- Skin ageing
- Inflammations (whole body)
- Nerve pains
- Pedicure treatments
- Etc.


How does Multiwave Skin work?

- Connect the glass electrode to the handle.
- Connect the handle to the MWO Skin (Electrode input).
- Connect the Therapy pillow to the MWO Skin (Pillow input)
- Have the user sit on the therapy pillow.
- Turn on the MWO Skin with the on/off button.
- Carefully turn the Intensity knob open until the glass electrode lights up and makes a quiet "bubbling" sound. The intention is to create small sparks between the electrode and the skin when the electrode is held just above the skin. These may sting a little, but certainly not hurt.
- Now treat the affected and/or to be treated spots of the body.
- The treatment can take between 10-20 minutes, unless the user indicates that the treatment is sufficient.
- Always listen to the wishes of the person to be treated.

Place the applicator (glass electrode) on the skin or body part to be treated. Use the control knob to determine the strength of the current. Move the glass electrode back and forth over the body with a light circular motion. If you apply a little talcum powder or lotion (without alcohol) to the skin beforehand, this makes it easier to move the glass electrode. You move it slowly over the area to be treated until it has warmed up sufficiently or until the treatment is finished. The Multiwave Skin is effective in only a few minutes of treatment per day.


While treating with the Multiwave Skin, please note the following:

- Although the applicator is made of the most rigid glass possible for this application, it is still fragile and must be handled with care. To avoid breakage when inserting or removing an applicator, it should be pushed in or out in a straight movement without twisting or bending.
- Protect your hand during fitting and removal with a piece of cloth in case the applicator breaks.
- Avoid contact with metal during treatment with Multiwave Skin to avoid electric shock.
- While using the Multiwave Skin, avoid applying tonic or lotion containing alcohol to the hair or any other part of the body.
- An applicator has a long life. If a malfunction occurs, install another applicator or use a different outlet to check if the generator is broken.
- Always make sure that you use a grounded outlet.

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MWO Skin
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Multiwave Skin Pro Package

Multiwave Skin Pro Package

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