Meditech MWO: Amazing improvements!

- Dr. Peter J. Fischer -

The RegenerationChamber

The verification of the Meditech Multiwave Oscillator(MWO) with Lakhovsky antennas and Rife tubewith the help of energy-medical measuring methodsshows amazing improvements in vital signs


The Multiwave Oscillator (MWO) designed by the Dutch company Meditech Europe BV[1] with Lakhovsky antennas is a treatment device based on the research of Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla. The original version of it is very large and consumes a lot of power.

Fortunately, the company Meditech Europe has developed a much more compact system with low power consumption (about 50 watt/h) and less space requirements. It is also unique in its possible combination with a rife tube (Phanotron).

In this experimental study this special combination was used. Many thanks to Meditech Europe’s CEOs Marijn Makkes van der Deijl and Rovin Frankhuisen from for their great support in this study. Without their help the study would not have been possible.

Lakhovsky Generator

There are many reports and videos about this treatment device on the Internet. There are also contemporary reports about the use of this device in a Paris clinic with sensational successes. As the author of this article, I had been wondering for many years whether these results could still be proven today with the help of energy medicine analysis methods.

Fig. 1: ‚The Regeneration Chamber‘ – Meditech MWO + Antennas + Rife Tube

Fig. 1: ‚The Regeneration Chamber‘ – Meditech MWO + Antennas + Rife Tube

Study design

In order to verify this, the energy of the 24 meridians on the wrist (MC 7) was measured with the help of the meridian measuring device ROFES/ MONICOR[2]. From this, I calculated and statistically processed the following important characteristic values of MONICOR2 were calculated and statistically processed by the author:

  • overall functional condition
  • vegetative-emotional tonus
  • psycho-emotional status
  • Ratio sympathetic / parasympathetic systems
  • Statistical comparison of meridian energies

Furthermore, models of possible disease risks4 were calculated based on the measured 24 energy meridians of MONICOR2. For this purpose, I took a total of 125 measurements always in the morning over a period of more than four months from 25.10.2019 to 05.03.2020.

without MWO 25.10.2019 - 21.01.2020
with MWO 22.01.2020 - 05.03.2020.

Measurements were taken in the morning at around 10am. The MWO treatment was performed in the afternoon at 15:30 (Fig. 1). The treatment time was 30 minutes.

A direct meridian measurement after the treatment did not seem to make sense, since an energetic counter-regulation of the meridians occurred first, which led to a reduction of the meridian energies. Therefore, it made sense to perform the post-treatment measurement only a few hours later or, in this study, always in the morning of the next day.

Improvement of the overall functional condition

From the measurement results and the frequency / spectral characteristics, the MONICOR2 calculates the overall functional condition of the patient. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the functional state of the meridians. In the case of normal functionality of the organism and without extreme external stress factors, a prediction of this state can be made over the next 1 – 2 hours. (situational characteristics of the energetic resources).[3]

Fig. 2: Overall functional status (without and with MWO applications)

MONICOR2 divides the resources of the overall functional condition into seven evaluation levels:

  • Very low – exhausted
  • Low
  • Approaching low
  • Approaching average
  • Average
  • Borderline to high
  • High


To examine the changes, I compared the summed values from 20 measurements at the beginning of the study (without MWO; A) with 20 measurements at the end of the study (with MWO; B).

A: 01.01.2020 – 22.01.2020

B: 14.02.2020 – 04.03.2020

For these two time periods (A, B), the frequency of occurrence of the rating levels is counted. Thus, for example, how many times the rating without the MWO applications was average and how many times with the MWO treatments (B). The totals of the counted resource ratings are compared for periods A and B in Figure 2.

Conclusion: The MWO applications result in a significant improvement of the overall functional condition. Figure 2 clearly shows the shift in the colored bars. The blue bars represent the time before the MWO applications. The largest blue bar is found at (5) Average Resources.

The red bars represent the last MWO applications at the end of the study. The largest red bar is seen at the (6) Borderline to High Resources.

Thus, there is an improvement in the overall functional status from average resources to the limit of near-highresources (Fig. 2).

This is also my subjective perception. I also often perceived a greater inner strength or energization in each case after the applications.

Improvement of the vegetative-emotional tonus

Vegetative-emotional tonus (state of tension) is a psychological characteristic that defines a person‘s needs when giving or taking energy (corresponds to an individual‘s extraversion or introversion for that particular moment).3

Fig. 3: Vegetative-emotional tonus (without and with MWO applications)

MONICOR2 divides vegetative-emotional tonus into five assessment levels:

  • low
  • medium to low
  • medium
  • medium to high  
  • high        


To examine the changes, I compared the summed values from 20 measurements at the beginning of the study (without MWO; A) with 20 measurements at the end of the study (with MWO; B).

A: 01.01.2020 – 22.01.2020

B: 14.02.2020 – 04.03.2020

For these two time periods (A, B), the frequency of occurrence of the rating levels is counted. In other words, how many times was high rated without MWO applications (A) and how many times with MWO applications (B). The sums of the counted ratings are compared for the two time periods A and B in Figure 3.

Conclusion: MWO application improves vegetative-emotional tonus from (too) high tonus without MWO applications (fig. 3; blue bar) to ideal mean tonus (red bar) with a trend toward too low with MWO applications (B).

Here it helps to reduce the application time initially so that the body can get used to the high-frequency field. After a certain number of applications, the body can maintain the medium tonus.

This is a great result. Especially today when the permanent stress (fear and panic mongering of the media, existential fears, etc) may cause the loss of vital energy due to a persistent tension in the body, making it no longer possible to achieve the necessary relaxation. During the MWO application the thought carousel is stopped for always a longer period of time and a deep relaxation sets in. In the majority of the applications In the majority of treatments, the user even falls asleep.      

Improvement of the psycho-emotional state

EMOTIONS are personal reactions to a relationship with the environment, which are characterized by emotions to pleasant or unpleasant conditions or situations.

The psycho-nervous weakness can lead to great fatigue, lack of efficiency and lack of concentration.

The exhaustion of the organism and a lack of vital forces are possible to cause for example learning problems such as mechanical reading without understanding the content. Here the „YANG state“ prevails in the meridian structure of the human organism. We are thus dealing with a deficiency of energy potential in the „YIN meridians“ (the energy stores to perform an action) and a surplus in the „YANG meridians“ (the accumulated energy – conductors). I. e. the energy comes from outside and immediately flows upwards. The mentioned disturbances can be accompanied by:

  • Over-excitement,
  • irritability,
  • emotional instability.

The emotional reaction may be inappropriate to the triggered impulse.3

MONICOR2 divides the psycho-emotional state into eight categories:

  • severe tension
  • trend towards permanent tension 
  • compensatory state
  • trend towards asthenia-s.
  • Asthenia syndrome
  • balance
  • almost balance
  • balance                  

To examine the changes, I compared the summed values from 20 measurements at the beginning of the study (without MWO; A) with 20 measurements at the end of the study (with MWO; B).

Fig. 4: Psycho-emotional state (without and with MWO applications)

A: 01.01.2020 – 22.01.2020

B: 14.02.2020 – 04.03.2020

For these two time periods (A, B), the frequency of occurrence of the categories is counted. For example, how many times did the category Balance occur without the MWO application (A) and how many times with (B). The sums of the counted scores are compared for A and B in Figure 4.

Conclusion: MWO application improves the vegetative-emotional tonus from the psycho-nervous weakness (Fig. 4 – blue bar; asthenia syndrome) to the idea state of balance (red bar) of the psycho-emotional state.

Improvement of the relationship between sympathetic / parasympathetic systems

The sympathetic nervous system predominantly innervates bodily functions that make the body more willing to perform and result in the depletion of energy reserves. This effect is also called ergotropic. In this process, the sympathetic nervous system behaves predominantly antagonistically to the action of the parasympathetic nervous system.

The parasympathetic nervous system is one of the three components of the autonomic nervous system. It is involved in the involuntary control of most internal organs and the blood circulation. The enteric nervous system present in the intestinal tract is referred to as the third component of the autonomic nervous system.3

MONICOR2 divides the relationship between the sympathetic / parasympathetic system into three states:

  • parasympathetic
  • balance 
  • sympathetic         

To examine the changes, I compared the summed values from 20 measurements at the beginning of the study (without MWO; A) with 20 measurements at the end of the study (with MWO; B).

Fig. 5: Relationship between sympathetic / parasympathetic systems without (A) and with MWO (B)

A: 01.01.2020 – 22.01.2020

B: 14.02.2020 – 04.03.2020

For these two time periods (A, B) the frequency of occurrence of the states is counted. For example, how many times was the state Balance found without the MWO applications (A) and how many times with the MWO applications (B). The sums of the counted states are compared in Figure 5 (A to B ).

The dramatic improvement of the relationship between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system cannot be shown more clearly than in this figure.

MWO applications improves the relationship of the two systems from the predominantly sympathetic state to the ideal relationship, creating the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Without the MWO applications (left circle diagram) you can see at first glance that the color red dominates and this circle segment is the largest (sympathetic nervous system). Nevertheless, a large green circle segment is also still present (balance).


With the MWO applications (right pie chart), the color green (balance) drastically dominates. The red colored circle segment shrinks to a minimum.

Interestingly, the applications also result in an improvement of the parasympathetic nervous system (gray circle section).

Selected areas of individual improvement in disease risk4 (MONICOR2)

Fig. 6: Reduction in the risk of endogenous intoxication over the entire period of MONICOR measurements

In this single-case study, highly significant improvements occurred for the bigger part over the test period (Sept. 25, 2019 to March 5, 2020). First and foremost, there was a drastic reduction in the risk of endogenous intoxication[4] calculated by MONICOR2.

Important!!! No orthodox medical disease diagnoses are made up, but statistical risks are calculated. Please read the endnote 4 at the end of the article. The MWO with Lakhovsky antennas and Rife tube was used daily from Jan. 21 to March 5, 2020. The average application time was 30 minutes.

Figure 6 above shows the MONICOR risk values per day in percent. Here, all existing measurements since the acquisition of the system were included (25.09.2019 – 05.03.2020). Thus, the changes become more clearly visible.



The first MWO application in the study was on 21.02.2020. It is abundantly clear that immediately on the next day of the first check with the MONICOR (22/01/2020), the indicated risk of endogenous intoxication4 decreased from approximately 60 % (before MWO) to 0 and remained throughout the MWO testing period.


Fig. 7: Heavy metal excretion after MWO application

This is, of course, highly statistically significant and also clearly visible at first glance. The red dotted trend line drops sharply towards zero over time. No other method that I tested over the time has so far been able to produce such a strong significant change.

In this context, the test results of the alternative practitioner Manfred Bosl (2017)[5] are highly interesting. He found out that after three months of MWO applications he experienced a significantly increased excretion of various heavy metals in his urine. For this purpose, he had examined the morning urine of 19.12.2019 and 23.02.2018 (laboratory: Medivere GmbH).

Arsenic was excreted the most (8.7-fold), followed by nickel (5-fold), palladium (3-fold), an-timony (2-fold), cobalt (2-fold), mercury (2-fold) and chromium (1.5-fold) (Fig. 7).

When I read these results on Manfred Bosl‘s homepage5, it became clear to me why nausea occurred during my first test of the MWO in the summer of 2019 (this was experienced by several other people as well). Probably too many heavy metals were released too quickly, which led to this nausea. Therefore, I had put the research project on hold for a while at that time.

In the search for a solution to the problem, however, I continued my research work with high-frequency technology and found that a sufficient supply of minerals (e. g. zeolite, magnesium, bicarbonate to improve the ph of the body, ...)14 makes MWO applications significantly more tolerable and nausea no longer occurs. This is probably due to the better elimination of the heavy metals bound by the minerals.


Fig. 8: Risk of endogenous intoxication before MWO applications

Once again back to Figure 6, which shows the entire time period of all MONICOR2 measurements since acquisition of the device in September 2019. The strong decrease of the red dashed trend line is causally caused by the period with MWO applications (gray shaded area). If we check the period without MWO applications in comparison, there are no significant changes for this period. In this case, the trend curve is even slightly increasing (Fig. 8), which could indicate a slight increase in exposure to toxins.

The support and promotion of the expulsion of heavy metals cannot be valued highly enough in our times, as we absorb many of these toxins through the environment (toxins), technical devices (e. g. computer keyboard), food, medications, etc. Due to this permanent load the body has a greater need for expelling measures.

In my experience, the regular use of the MWO leads to, among other things, to a subjectively perceived greater lightness. In addition to the energizing effect of the treatment, I also attribute this to regular detoxification.


Endogenous intoxication and inflammation4

Since heavy metal exposures are often associated with inflammation, reducing the risk of endogenous intoxication4should also reduce the risks of inflammation. This would, it is hoped, be a very good fit.

Having looked at all the risks (119) calculated by MONICOR2 I found what I was looking for. In this case, there was a significant reduction in the calculated risk for cholecystitis / cholangitis[6]“. In Figure 9, a downward trend of the red dashed trend line can be seen after MWO application (the MWO treatment period is shaded gray). Before application, this downward trend is not seen (Fig. 10). Here, the trend line shows hardly any change in the risk for cholangitis 4.   

Beschermen tegen 5g              Hoe beschermen tegen 5g

              Fig. 9: Reduction in risk of cholangitis over the period of all MONICOR measurements                                                               Fig. 10: Risk of cholangitis before MWO applications

Thus, the considerable detoxification through MWO applications could also have a beneficial influence on inflammatory processes in the body. There is a need for further research here.

Balancing the Meridian energies


Fig. 11: Comparison of meridian energies before MWO applications (A) and at the end of MWO applications (B)

In order to be able to test statistical differences, two comparison groups with 20 measurements each were created using the raw data from the MONICOR:

Group A: before application of MWO – from 01.01.2020 to 23.01.2020

Group B: at the end of applications – from 14.02.2020 to 04.03.2020

For each individual energy meridian, both time periods differ from each other in a predominantly statistically very highly significant way! (t-test; see table under Fig. 10)

The optimum energy range is 50 %. This would correspond to an optimal balance between Yin and Yang. Before the MWO application (A), the energy range of the meridians is slightly too high with an average of 63 % and thus has a Yang emphasis (blue line). At the end of the study (B), the average of all the meridian energies is 50 % which corresponds to an optimal balance between Yin and Yang energies (red line).

Consider that this balancing effect of the MWO works on every energy meridian – without exception! Absolutely amazing!

When I saw these results for the first time, I also came up with the idea for the title of this article –

The Regeneration Chamber.

Over time and with regular use, an optimal energetic balance is achieved. This leads in the sense of a wellnessapplication to an excellent well-being. The examinations with a psychological test system during this test period also fit in with this. These results are described in a separate article. I am very grateful that this great device is available to me, especially during this stressful time of transformation. At this point I would also like to express my gratitude to Hessel Hoornveld. He is unfortunately no longer with us and I was not able to meet him in person. He is the original developer of the Dutch version of the Meditech Europe MWO‘s. This was then further developed by the new owners of Meditech Europe. Before contacting Meditech Europe, I had visited Hessel‘s website for many years and struggled with the idea offinally trying this device. I am grateful that I finally have done so.


Additional information

To support and improve the success of therapy with radio-frequency procedures, other studies with similar procedures that I conducted have shown that a good supply of minerals is essential (Lakhovsky Multiwave Generator[7], Tesla Cell Tuner[8], Violet Ray[9], ...).

The use of additives has to be tested by each person on his own responsibility or by a naturopath or naturopathic doctor who will accompany him. The vital substances given in this article are therefore not a general recommendation, but only describe the vital substances that I used for myself during this study.

Some of these are: mineral capsules from Rocky Mountain Minerals[10], ReMag[11], zinc[12], potassium citrate[13]and other Vital substances[14], which I had already taken before the study.

About vital materials to the general supply, it is worth also reading Dr. Strunz‘s Newsletter – Enter here once on the homepage of Dr. Strunz under newsletter the search terms minerals, amino acids, omega 3, protein, ....

Of course, working with the MWO cannot replace a healthy amount of exercise.


The aim of this experimental study was to verify whether the MWO application has a measurable effect with the help of energy medicine analysis procedures. This can be fully affirmed.

In summary, it can be said that a deep regeneration of the organism is caused by the improvement of:

  • the overall state in the direction of increased resources,
  • the vegetative-emotional tonus from the high tonus to the low middle tonus,
  • the psycho-emotional status from psycho-nervous weakness to the status of balance,
  • relationship between sympathetic/parasympathetic system from sympathetic dominance to the ideal balance  between sympathetic and parasympathetic systems,
  • ability to resist possible diseases4 because the risk probability calculated by MONICOR for some diseases decreases,
  • all meridian energies by bringing these energies closer to an optimal middle range – not too much (Yang), not too little (Yin).

These improvements are clearly noticeable after some time and lead to a real craving for these strokes. Furthermore, I also noticed a considerable increase in general performance. Many projects that were planned but somehow did not really get off the ground were suddenly implemented with ease. Also, an increase of the joy of life was to be noticed.

Not all changes are immediately measurable or noticeable after a few applications.

Therefore, a considerable effort had to be made with many MWO applications over a longer period of time to find these changes or to stabilize the results.

Many more significant changes were found than have been presented in this article. These include not only physical changes, but especially psychological ones. It would therefore make a lot of sense to continue this report.


Outlook – What‘s next

Many of the results shown here I would not have thought possible before. Tracking the changes with the help of the MONICOR system was a lot of delight. Especially the additional combination of MWO, EHF, Cell-Tuner and the automatic MONICOR2 correction is promising. I think that these procedures will be of very great help, especially in the difficult times we might still face.

Of course, these procedures do not replace my work as a psychologist. But they are a great support because they improve the energetic state. So, I could observe that the psychotherapies become much easier by the support with these and similar procedures. The patients can open up faster and it costs me much less energy. As a result, I myself feel much better after the therapy sessions than without these procedures.



The author


Dr.phil. Dipl.-Psych. Peter J. Fischer is a certified psychologist and alternative practitioner. He studied health and clinical Psychology in Oldenburg and did his doctorate in psychotherapy research, where he found an effect factor in psychotherapy that had not yet been considered.

Since 2004 he offers psychotherapy in his clinic in Bockhorn. In addition to various psychotherapeutic approaches (integrative cognitive behavioral therapy, energetic psychotherapy, trauma therapy, ...) and diagnostic procedures (psychological testing) he also uses energetic medical measuring methods (electrophotography [GDV], meridian analysis [I-Health, MERID, MONICOR], heart rate variability analysis [HRV scanner], in order to make the problems – on the one hand – and the achieved changes – visible for the patients on the other hand.

Over time, the author has developed a holistic approach to therapy, which includes all areas – body, soul, mind and spirituality – in the therapy. For him it became clear that – as described by Tesla: on the basis of energy, frequency and information – magnificent improvement of therapy success can be achieved.

Therefore, in addition to a comprehensive supply of vital substances as a physical basis, the high-frequency devices (Cell-Tuner, Meditech Europe MWO, IQ-Alpha) and vibration methods (OSFLOW, DZT1) used have proven to be very useful.





[2]               ROFES = “Register of emotional stress”.
MONICOR = “Monitoring of conditions adaptation and correction”.
The manufacturer is the Russian company „Altaim Ural Research and production Enterprises“. See homepage:        
In Russia, the ROFES / MONICOR device may be used for therapy by licensed physicians. In order for ROFES / MONICOR to be used by other professionals, this technology has been patented, both medically and psychologically. Therefore, psychologists in Russia can use the device for psychophysiological stress testing. Stress can be both psychological and physiological (G. Selye). If stress states have been identified with ROFES / MONICOR, including organs and systems, then these identified stress states can be corrected by balancing energy resources. The level of energy resources of organs and systems determines their ability to adapt. That is, in turn, adaptation to stress is achieved.Types of stress for organs can be: trauma, inflammation, poisoning, disease. Based on the data of stress states of organs and systems, statistical risks for diseases are derived on the basis of ROFES / MONICOR models (RISKS ONLY – no diagnoses are made). MONICOR correction with biofeedback can reduce the risks of diseases, complications, absorption problems of microelements. Thus, the device belongs to the wellness technologies. In this study it is used for experimental purposes.
Also in the Russian space research the meridian energies were measured and treated in space by Prof. Dr. Waleri Wladimirowitsch Poljakow (Prognos). He was the first cosmonaut who was able to stay in space for more than 678 days – without health problems.

[3]  This information was taken from the MONICOR system.

[4]  IMPORTANT! MONICOR does not measure or detect any diseases. It is therefore not a medical diagnosis, no statements about actual diseases are made. But purely for experimental purposes, different models are calculated on the basis of the measured 24 energy meridians, which estimate the risk for a particular disease.

[5]  Bosl, Manfred (2017/18): Detoxification with the MWO.

[6]  Cholangitis, also known as cholangiitis, is an inflammation of the bile ducts. It can be triggered by various causes, including obstruction of the bile ducts by gallstones, stenosis, tumors or parasite infestation.

[7] High frequency / MWO products: Multiwave oscillator + Lakhovsky antennas + Rife phanotron.

[8] Water structurer / water energizer.

[9]  Siehe under High Frequency / Violet Ray.

[10]  See MicroSynergy Mulivitamin and Minerals (120 Kapsel).

[11]  See Dr. Carolyn Dean‘s book, “Magnesium”.
                  The preparation ReMag can be obtained at a reasonable price from Harald Thiers: Fa. Chi-Balance GmbH, Email:; Tel. 03591–351 8200.

[12]  Zinkorot 25 mg, 1 tablet / day.

[13]            Quelle;Potassium citrate powder.

[14]  If no exact source information is given below, please use the search engine and find the cheapest pharmacy. It is important that you go through this page to the appropriate pharmacy, because the prices for the same product are often higher if you call it directly in the same online pharmacy store.
In addition to the minerals, I take the following vital substances:

  • Vitamin D3 Tropfen 8000 IE (mind.) + K2. www.drjacobsmedical.
    Supplementing to it s. a. the book of Dr. Raimund von Helden – healthy in 7 days. Homepage:                 
  • Homocystein-Komplex. See also
  • Omega3 Öl: 3 Total.;          Vitamin C:;
    Ester C: www.krä;   Vitamin E:;
    Q10 (Ubiquinol, 50 mg): Thromboflow:
    Darmbalance select:
  • For detoxification: Zeolotih:; MSM:;
    MMS / CDL: Ali Erhan;
  • Silver colloid:;
  • Bicanorm for deacidification:
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