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Meditech Electric field meter

Meditech Electric field meter

Meditech Electric field meter

Map your electrical radiation fields with this high-quality electric field meter

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Take your radiation exposure in your own hands

This electric field meter is ideal for measuring electrical equipment and their wiring. This allows you to easily map what your home and business equipment emits and where the fields are the strongest. This allows you to make choices to steer your EM exposure.


What are the applications of the electric field meter?

It is of great importance to know what's happening in your living environment. When you know what the radiation exposure is inside and outside your home, you can base your choices thereupon. For example, with this electric field meter you can measure the electric field of:


- your household appliances like washing machines,
  microwaves, kettles, etc.

- your communication equipment such as
  television, radio, computer, phone, etc.

- your business equipment and machines, etc.

- your security equipment such as cameras and
  baby phones etc.

- your other electrical installations inside and
  outside your home such as wiring, extension
  cables, distribution boxes, meter boxes, etc.

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