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Meditech Grounding Sheets

Meditech Grounding Sheets

Meditech Grounding Sheets

Ground yourself and get energetically in balance while lying in your bed with the Meditech Europe Grounding Sheets

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Grounding Sheets 160 x 210 cm

Reconnect yourself with the earth

Since the origin of mankind we have walked barefooted on the earth. Through this connection we were energetically balanced and we let the radiation of the world around us (such as geopathic and cosmic radiation) drain off. However, we lost this connection when we started to walk around on shoes. The development of insulating rubber soles has aggravated this problem. Many people now experience it as enormously relaxing when they walk barefooted on the beach or when on holiday they again swim more often in the sea or other waters. At those times the body can let its energetic overload drain off again and get energetically in balance.

The positive effects of grounding

When the body can get energetically in balance, because it can let drain off the excess (electromagnetic) voltage into the earth, the body can unwind to the cellular level. As a result, the natural power of regeneration, and therefore also the immune system, can be expressed again. For example, users of the grounding sheets report the following effects:

  Improved energy level

  Improved night's rest

  Reducing stress and adrenal fatigue

  Relief or disappearance of chronic pains

  Improvement of vision

  Improvement of memory and cognitive


  Improved digestion and weight loss

  Reduction of blood pressure disturbances

  Reduction of cardiovascular diseases

Why grounding is important for your health

The earth is a very rich source of free electrons that we receive from her when we come into contact with her and these free electrons have an antioxidant effect on us. By walking barefooted on the grass or the (preferably moist) sand we already acquire a lot of healthy free electrons that help us in the draining off of free radicals. Our roads, paths, floors and coverings conduct very badly or not at all. Moreover, by walking over these surfaces on insulating shoes, we completely lost the grounding effect of our planet.

How does the Meditech Grounding Sheet work?

The Meditech Grounding sheets are made of high-quality cotton with highly conductive silver wire woven through them. These wires conduct your excess energy to the connector that is connected to the ground. This can be done by means of a pin that can be pierced into the ground or by a plug that connects your grounding sheet to the grounding of a grounded electrical outlet. The surplus voltage that you release to your sheet naturally flows through this connection into the earth where it is converted into usable energy.

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