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MD4 - Super Deal

MD4 - Super Deal

MD4 - Super Deal

+ 1 x stainless steel filter + 5 x carbon filter + HQ Descaler + 2 Mineral Optimizers
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Lightweight, easy to store and ideal for travel. Everywhere fresh and purified water, no matter where you are. All you need is water, and power. Ditch, rain or contaminated tap water, you can use it all for making your trusted distilled water. Because no complicated installation is required and no connection to the water mains is necessary you can take it along with you everywhere. Simply fill the kettle with water, press the start button and before you know it, you have beautifully clean and fresh water as you have never had before. When drinking distilled water, it is advisable to add minerals.

The water distiller uses steam distillation with an active carbon filter to extract the final impurities from the water, ensuring optimal and clean water. It automatically switches off when finished. The residues remain in the boiler, which you can easily clean.

The only method of obtaining the purest water is by steam distillation using a water distiller. Distilled water is 99.8% pure water. By using a water distiller you get cleaner water than any other filter method.

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